Select your Audio Bible by price range


Under $25 We have a selection of Audio Bibles on MP3, iPod, and DVD in this price range. You will find KJV, NKJV, NASB, Catholic Bible, Spanish Bible, Kids Bible Stories, Stories of Jesus & many more versions are available in this price range.

$25 to $60 This middle range of prices is perfect for those want quality products without the worry of spending too little or too much. Audio Bibles on CD, Electronic Bibles & Cassette Bibles, and Dramatized Bibles are a few of our products that fall under this category. Go ahead and take your pick; our prayer is that whatever you choose will serve to bring you closer to God.


Over $60 You can find the Audio Bible of your choice with both the Old and New Testament  on CD. We have a large selection of Solar Bibles which are easy to use and a way to enjoy hearing God's Word. Audio Bibles make great gifts.