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French Audio Bible reading

Some 220 million people all over the world speak French. With such an amazing number of people using this language, it is imperative that they have access to the Word of God. However, communicating with language barriers presents major challenges. There must be easier access to the Bible in a language the people understand.

With the French Audio Bible, language is no longer a problem. French-speaking people can be reached everywhere. They can hear the good news of the gospel without the need for interpretation—it makes life a whole lot easier. Millions of people will be touched and lives transformed as the work of those committed to carrying out the Great Commission is simplified and becomes more effective.

The French Audio Bible is the perfect tool for evangelism outreach, missionary trips, bible studies, and your own personal devotions. Its easy-to-use features let you move from chapter to chapter and book to book without any hassle. You can read the inspiring messages of the Old and New Testaments with just the click of a button, and its compact size makes it so easy to carry around that it fits in your pocket.