Audio Bible NKJV - New King James Bible

The New King James Version is a translation of the Bible that was crafted with a steadfast commitment to the integrity, beauty, and flow of the original King James Bible, but with an emphasis on language that is accessible and meaningful to a modern audience. There’s a reason the original King James Bible was so beloved and became the best-selling Bible translation of all time. It has language, flow, and integrity that has proved the test of time. But now, the New King James Bible brings those same remarkable traits from the original into modernity. Now you can experience all the incredible blessings of the original but with language that will help you to absorb all of the astonishing truth layered within God’s Word. That’s why we are proud to offer an assortment of NKJV Audio Bibles.

First off, we’d love to highlight our NKJV audio Bible player. This Audio Bible NKJV device is accessible, built to last, and incredibly easy to use. That’s precisely why it’s so many of our customers call it the best audio Bible! It has a total of 69 hours and 15 minutes of Bible reading narrated by Bob Souer. Mr. Souer is an accomplished narrator who has done incredible work for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, PBS, Time Warner, the Military Channel, and many others. He has a long and respected track record that is earned by his remarkable skill in narration. His talent will bring the Scriptures to you in a way you’ve never experienced before!

We also offer the NKJV Audio Bible Complete on CD by Stephen Johnston. This NKJV Audio Bible comes in two versions, one that is voice-only and the other which is accompanied by a soft instrumental background. Packaged in an attractive padded zipper case, this complete Audio Bible NKJV can come with you wherever you go! It’s easier than ever to accomplish your goal of spending time daily in God’s Word with a resource such as this.

Next up is the NKJV Audio Bible for MP3 and iPod. This particular NKJV audio Bible was crafted with tunnel vision on portability and ease of access. You can install these MP3 files on any device, such as your phone, MP3 player, or iPod. Then, you can listen to God’s Word wherever you please! Find yourself with downtime while out and about running errands? You can dive into God’s Word! Have a little extra time on your lunch break at work? Use that time towards your spiritual growth. Every time is a perfect time to listen to the truth that God desires to speak into your life.

If you’re looking for something extra exciting that will promote engagement with God’s Word like never before, we also offer the New King James Bible on DVD, Dramatized, Deluxe Edition. This audio Bible dramatic brings the stories of the Bibles to life in a profound and captivating way. It includes a multiple voice narration of the entire New King James Bible in a word-for-word translation. Stephen Johnston lends his award winning narration to bridge the text where no characters are speaking. Boasting interactive menus, this dramatized audio Bible provides you direct access to every book and chapter of the Bible at the drop of a hat.

Never underestimate the power and the influence that God’s Word will have in your life. The Bible and the wisdom it contains are essential for every believer. It contains His very words and the truth of everything within its pages. It doesn’t matter how much or little you have read it; there is always new truth that God is waiting to uncover as you revisit it again. That’s exactly why it should always be a part of your daily routine.

We believe that you should have access to God's Word no matter where you are or what you are doing. That’s why we provide such a variety of audio Bibles to enrich your spiritual journey and draw you closer to the Lord. We strive to bring you only the best audio Bible. We are especially proud of our NKJV audio Bibles. God has placed them in the hands of so many different people, and we pray that you are next. We would be honored if you chose to invest in one of our audio Bible NKJV options. We believe without a shadow of a doubt that God will use it to change your life.