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Catholic Audio Bible - Audio Catholic Bible

Are you looking for a Catholic audio Bible to help you listen to God's Word? We have multiple options available for you today, depending on your specific needs. Every Catholic believer deserves to have the gift of God's Word in their lives, and our audio Catholic Bibles make it easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of reading the Bible. Whether it is for you, a friend, or a family member, our Catholic audio Bibles are a choice that changes lives.

Our audio Bible players are known worldwide as the EASIEST audio Bible players in the world to use. They are designed with ease of access and portability in mind. They are built to last and operate even under the harshest of conditions. We have two Catholic audio Bible versions available: the Douay Rheims audio Bible player and the NAB Catholic audio Bible player.

The Douay Rheims Bible has a unique place in history. It is the oldest English translation of the Bible. Translated directly from the Latin Vulgate, this Bible predates even the King James Version. It is one of the most revered English translations in the Catholic Church and one that is sure to speak to your faith. Our Douay Rheims Catholic Bible audiobook contains all of the books of the Catholic Bible from start to finish. It is narrated by Steve Webb, a man with an undeniable passion for God and His Word.

The NAB Catholic audio Bible player contains the entirety of the New American Bible translation. The Old Testament was first published in 1970, with the New Testament following in 1991. 50 translators worked on this translation, and it is the official translation used in the Mass of the Catholic Church in the United States. It was crafted under the direction of the Catholic Biblical Association of America. Our NAB Catholic audio Bible is narrated by Stephen Johnson, who has won awards for his powerful narrations.

Another popular option is our New Revised Standard Version Catholic Bible audio CD, which many call the best Catholic Bible on CD. Narrated again by Stephen Johnson, the NRSV Catholic audio Bible comes in a zipper carrying case including 65 CDs. The NRSV was first published in 1990 with the goal of being a Bible for all people. A team of 30 translators did it with the goal of balancing a word-for-word and thought-by-thought approach to translating the Bible.

As a believer, you must devote time to studying the Bible daily. This is a rich and beautiful practice, having no substitute in the Catholic life. The Bible is God's gift to us, given to help guide us, teach us, shape us, renew us, and call us to a purpose in life. God does all of these things through His Word, and He invites you to start reading it regularly today. With your own Catholic audio Player, you can make this commitment to God today. When you do, He will respond in kind, enriching your life with His love, peace, and knowledge. There's no other place you'll find those things outside of God's Word.

Do you struggle to find the time and space to invest in this daily reading of the Bible, though? That's a common struggle for many people of faith, as our schedules get busier by the day. Even when we have a strong, faithful desire to read God's Word, sometimes it feels like life gets in the way. The beauty of having a Catholic Bible audiobook is that you don't have to be sitting down somewhere quiet, reading a book in order to engage with God's Word. You can be anywhere, anytime, and listen to the entirety of the Scriptures. Our Catholic audio Bible player gives you all the benefits of reading God's Word AND the flexibility to listen to it wherever you may be.

A Catholic audio Bible isn't only a great companion in your own faith journey but a terrific, faith-building way to spend time with your family as well. Gathering together and listening to God's Word as a family helps you to grow closer to one another and to God. This practice can be a new tradition in your household, as you invest time into your relationship with God together. You'll be amazed at how this sort of tradition can build up your faith as a family and draw everyone closer to the Lord.

God still speaks today, and He does so through His Word. When you commit to a daily Bible reading plan, God teaches you about Him, yourself, and the world around you. He fills your life with joy, hope, and peace. He also reveals His special purpose for your life, the one He set aside just for you. Throughout the pages of the Bible, God speaks directly to you, and He has so much to say that will change your life forever!

Pick up your own Catholic Bible audiobook today. With the power of God's Word right with you always, there's nothing that you won't be able to tackle in life. God uses the presence of the Scriptures in our lives to do powerful things through us. He wants you to live the life that He has prepared for you to live. Are you ready to answer God's calling in your life and set out on your destined path? God desires to speak directly to you through His Word today.