Greek Audio Bible

The Greek language has a rich long history and has been associated with the Bible for many centuries. A major effort was made in the third and second centuries to translate the Old Testament into Greek because the Israelites under the control of Greece at the time, used Greek as their common language. Consequently, the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament was born. It is also considered to be the original language of the New Testament. However, the first published Greek version of the New Testament was only done by Erasmus in 1526. Today, Greek is the first language of over 15 million people mainly living in Greece and Cyprus but there are many others all over the world.

Having a Greek Audio Bible with the Old and New Testament makes the Gospel more accessible and easier to understand by these native speakers. The Greek Audio Bible Player provides a different and dynamic format for studying and hearing the Word of God. With this gadget, you can take your Bible with you anywhere and listen privately as you go about your day to day activities. Alternatively, you can use it to share the Gospel with your friends and family, on your missionary and evangelism outreaches or give as a gift.

Get the Greek Audio Bible player and enjoy listening to the inspirational messages as you move from chapter to chapter with the click of a button. It is sturdy, water-resistant, plays for several hours and so interactive, it will talk back to you.