Audio Bible in Portuguese - Bible reader

Brazilian Portuguese is spoken by almost every native Brazilian, among them are millions of people who enjoy the messages and words of inspiration from the Bible. Now, you have the opportunity to listen to the Word of God with the Biblia em Portugues. You have access to every book of the Bible in both the New and Old Testament. This high-quality audio Bible was designed to break down the language barrier and make the Scriptures accessible to you in your own language so that every word can be easily understood. It will make a difference in your life! Hearing the Scriptures read aloud clearly and concisely will build your faith, provide comfort, improve your bible studies, your devotions, and your overall spiritual experience. Its amazing and interactive features allow you to navigate every book and chapter with ease—it will even talk back to you. With its compact size, you can take your Brazilian Portuguese audio Bible anywhere and listen in privacy at your convenience.