Alexander Scourby reading the Bible

Alexander Scourby reading the Bible is a wonderful experience for your heart and soul and mind. Listening to Alexander Scourby read the Bible gives people an experience they weren’t expecting and leaves them eager to hear more. Those that are able to hear his hypnotizing voice are able to better understand the lessons of the Bible.

Alexander Scourby reading the Bible is one of the best Audio Bible readings of all time. Alexander Scourby was the first person to read the King James Bible both Old and New Testaments. This project took him approximately four years and was completed in 1953.

Originally Alexander Scourby started in motion pictures and then went on to reading 422 books for the American Federation for the Blind. One of these books, of course, was the greatest book of all time the Bible. Specifically the King James Bible read by Alexander Scourby both Old and New Testaments.

The Bible recording started on long-playing LP records. As technology advanced the recordings went to cassette tape. From there the recordings went on to audio CDs. Today you can listen to the Alexander Scourby Bible reading on audio CDs, a handheld player, MP3, and DVD formats. If you enjoy the Bible read by Alexander Scourby, here is both a voice-only reading and a dramatized Bible.

He was born in Brooklyn New York and spend time in New Jersey and upstate New York. His parents were Greek immigrants from Greece. Alexander Scourby considered the recordings he did for the American Federation for the Blind his greatest accomplishments in life. The greatest one being the King James Bible.

Alexander Scourby was born November 13, 1913, in Brooklyn New York. Alexander Scourby died on February 22, 1985, at the age of 71 years old in Newtown, Connecticut. He was married to Lori March Scourby in 1943. They had one daughter Alexandria.

Alexander Scourby had no political affiliation nor any specific religious affiliations even though he was baptized in the Greek Orthodox tradition and his marriage to his wife Lori was in an Episcopal church. His widow died in 2013.

So if you love the Bible read by Alexander Scourby, you have many great options.