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Italian Audio Bible reading

Italian is known as the romance language and is native to Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, Istria County (Croatia) and Slovene Istria (Slovenia). There are 69 million native speakers and another 16 million people who use Italian as a second language, Christians and non Christians. Wouldn’t it make a big difference if they all had access to a Bible written in their mother tongue?

The Italian Audio Bible Player gives Italian speakers all over the world access to a Bible they can understand and enjoy. No more struggling to translate and interpret. No more language barriers. With the simple click of a button, you will hear every chapter and verse of the Bible in Italian.

It’s a great device specially designed for your convenience. It is interactive, easy to use, and you can carry it everywhere. If you want to build your faith, enhance your personal devotions, share the gospel message or simply be inspired, this Audio Bible will meet your needs. It also makes a great gift and is perfect for non readers.