About Us

Rick Dennis owner of Audio Bible website Hello, my name is Rick Dennis; I am owner of Audio Bibles website. I originally started in the Audio Bible Internet business in 1998. So I am coming up on 22 years in business, selling only Audio Bibles. God has allowed me to do things I never thought possible. I need to say, I am a Blessed man. Over the years I have helped over 89,064 people just like you, select an Audio Bible that is right for them.

So calling 1-800-758-0160 between 9am to 9pm EST you will likely talk to a person not a machine.

I have really built the business from the ground up. Originally, in 1998, I had maybe 5 to 10 Audio Bible products. Now I have over 118 different Audio Bible products and have sold 136,842 Audio Bibles to date. With over 22 years of Audio Bible selling experience, and 1000's of questions over the years, I feel I am able to answer just about any question you may have.

 I really enjoy what I am doing; I feel it is my calling to help God spread His Word to the ends of the earth. I believe, being involved in the Audio Bible business/ministry is my calling. God uses ordinary people like me to do His Will here on earth. To me this is an excellent way to strengthen other Christians, the better someone knows the Bible the stronger they can be.

The great thing is people can download the Bible anywhere in the world and pass it on to others who may have never heard or read the Bible before. Many people can not even read so hearing the Bible in their mother tongue is important.

I give a 60 day money back guarantee on all products. I want make your purchase of an Audio Bible, as stress free and easy as possible.


Rick Dennis