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Haitian Creole Bible

Creole speakers everywhere need easy access to the Bible in their own language. Some 12 million people across the world speak Creole, the majority are Haitians. Haiti has a population of about 6.6 million people and even though French is its official language, the popular language amongst the people is the French based creole. It goes without saying that if we are to touch these lives, we have to share the gospel in the language they love and understand.

The Creole Audio Bible does just that. It brings the transforming messages of the Bible to the people in their native tongue. This Audio Bible is perfect for evangelism, personal devotions, group Bible studies or simply to share amongst family and friends. Its easy-to-use features let users find their way through every chapter and book of the Old and New Testament. It is small, compact and so convenient that it can even fit into your shirt pocket and be carried around with you anywhere you choose.

Build your faith as you listen to the encouraging messages of faith, hope, and love without the challenges of a language barrier. Thanks to our Creole Audio Bible sharing and hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ has been made easier. Women, men, children, the young and old can hear every word with just the click of a button.