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Cebuano Bible audio player

The total population of the Philippines is 98 million people. Out of that figure, some 25 million natives speak the Cebuano language. That equates to over one quarter of the population. Amongst them are millions who are in dire need of hearing the life changing messages of the Bible. However, doing this is an uphill task unless the Scriptures are available in their native language. For this reason, we have ensured that there is easy access to both the Old and New Testaments to the Cebuano speaking people.

With the Cebuano Bible Audio Player, you can easily find your way through every book of the Bible, chapter by chapter with just the click of a button. Use it as you spend time in personal devotions or bible studies. Missionaries, evangelists and other ministers of the gospel will find that this is the perfect tool to assist with effective ministry and the spread the gospel.

Its compact size lets you carry it anywhere with convenience. Share the gospel with friends and family or even give it as a gift. The narration is clear, easy to understand and it will even talk back to you.