Cebuano Bible Old and New Testament - Cebuano Audio Bible

The Bible conveys truth through every language in which it is translated, making God's Word known to all peoples. The Gospel's message is infectious, changing lives worldwide as believers proclaim it in every nation and tongue. Cebuano is a language spoken by nearly twenty million people. The Cebuano Bible Old and New Testament player recites the Cebuano Bible from the Philippines Bible Society, The Bisaya Bible Old and New Testament.

With the Cebuano Audio Bible, you can listen to God's Word for hours, with easy navigation between chapters and books. Whether alone or with friends and family, the Cebuano Audio Bible is the easiest audio Bible in the world to use. You can listen through the built-in speaker or with the included ear-buds. The touch button design brings convenience to your fingertips. With the Cebuano Bible Player, the choice of how to listen is yours!

The Cebuano Bible Old and New Testament Player is perfect for everyday use for yourself or as a gift. There is no greater blessing you can bring into yours or someone else's life than God's word. You can spread the message of the Gospel to those you love and wrap them in God's love by gifting them the Bisaya Bible Old and New Testament Player today. There's no more extraordinary gift in our lives than the Word of God.

The unit is extremely portable, fitting in your shirt pocket so that you can bring the comfort and wisdom that the Cebuano Bible Player provides wherever you go. You never know when the opportunity will arise to share the Bible with others, so having the Cebuano Audio Bible on hand will make sure you're ready when the moment comes. God has called us to spread His Word to everyone we encounter, and the Cebuano Bible Old and New Testament will help you be prepared when it matters most.

Whether you are looking for guidance, wisdom, or encouragement, the Cebuano Bible Old and New Testament Player can be your constant companion throughout your day. Each chapter of the Bisaya Bible Old and New Testament is on an individual track, allowing you to access the book and chapter that God has put on your heart with great ease. The built-in speakers talk back to you as you navigate, letting you know exactly where you are within God's Word.

Through His Word, God teaches us, encourages us, and reveals His purpose for our lives. The Bible is the way that God has chosen to communicate with humanity. It is our manual for life, teaching us all the mysteries of human history and guiding us on how to live. Not only that but through it, God also reveals what is to come. The Bisaya Bible both the Old and New Testament Player contains every word of the Bible, letting you hear God speak directly into your life.

If you want to see God move in your life and hear Him speak to you, spending time in His Word is the only way. The Bisaya Bible Old and New Testament Player makes that more accessible than ever. The more time you spend listening to His Word, the closer you will become to God. He will start to move in miraculous ways in your life as you live out the unrivaled benefits of walking in faith with Him. There is no substitute for quality time with God, and the Cebuano Bible Old and New Testament Player allows you access to His word, the way that He speaks to us, at any time and any place.

Why wait? You could have your own Cebuano Audio Bible Player and experience a renewed walk with God today. Pick one up for you and those you love, and take God's Word with you everywhere you go!

What is the Cebuano Bible?

The Cebuano Bible is the Maayong Bilita Biblia 1999 version. This version of the Cebuano Bible is from the Philippine Bible Society. This is a voice only audio Bible reading. The total Audio Bible reading time of 112 hours and 28 minutes. This is the Cebuano Bible both Old and New Testament.