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Japanese Bible reading in audio format

Out of the 125 million people in the world who speak Japanese, only one to two percent of them are Christians. This figure gives us some insight into the enormity of the challenge to reach millions who have no access to the gospel because of language barriers. Added to this is the need for those 2 million Christians to grow in their faith by hearing and understanding the Word of God.

Knowing this, we have made the Bible in Japanese easily accessible to both the churched and unchurched people who speak that language. This Audio Bible serves multiple purposes. It can be used to evangelize by giving as gifts to families, friends, congregations and new believers. Or, it can be used to build your faith as you listen to the Word of God in your personal devotions and small group studies.

Its amazing features let you go through the Old and New Testament books with ease. A simple touch of the button will take you from chapter to chapter and book to book. It is convenient to walk around with and so interactive, it will even talk back to you.