German Bible Audio Player | Bible in German

Having a Bible that is translated in the German language is an opportunity that cannot be missed. German is one of the major languages in the world and the first language of over 95 million people. What is also astounding, is the fact that in the European Union, it is the language that is most widely spoken.

With these statistics in mind, we cannot pass the chance to reach those who need to hear the gospel in a language they can understand—their very own. Thanks to the German Bible Audio Player the German-speaking people no longer have to struggle through uncertain interpretations or worry about the quality of translation. Both the Old and New Testaments can be heard in a clear and concise narration in their native tongue.

Evangelists, missionaries, students and all those who are eager to hear and share the amazing stories and inspiring messages of the Bible, now have access to the easiest Audio Bible in the world. Browsing from chapter to chapter and sharing with family and friends has never been simpler—all it takes is the click of a button and a willing heart.