German Audio Bible Player, EASIEST audio Bible in the world to use

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Benefits include:

  • You can automatically play the Bible for hours, going from chapter to chapter and book to book
  • You and others can listen to the Bible being read aloud with the built in speaker
  • Bookmarking button allows you to stop the unit, then return later to the exact place you were listening to before
  • You can listen to the Bible privately with the ear buds (included)
  • Easy touch button navigation, find the exact book and chapter you want to listen to
  • You can charge the unit with your USB port or electrical power (100 to 240 volts) or using the built in solar cell


  • The German Bible, New Evangelistic Version (Neue Evangelistische Übersetzung)
  • Both Old and New Testament
  • Typical battery playtime under normal operating conditions: 5 – 14 hours
  • Raised buttons to easily navigate forward and backward between each book and each chapter of the Bible
  • As you navigate, the Audio Bible will talk back to you and tell you exactly what book and chapter you are on
  • Small fits in shirt pocket, 4 inches high, 2 5/16 inches wide, 1/2 inch deep
  • Rock solid construction, water resistant, operates in harsh environments
  • Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
  • Includes Audio Bible player, built in speaker, built in rechargeable battery, earbuds, (USB, electrical wall charger and solar panel) to charge the battery, manual


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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  • 5
    I ordered one

    by Hans

    This is perfect for my daughter, who is in intensive hospital with a machine replacing her own heart. As she is held down by a lot of tubing, she cannot look to what is in her hand. The design is absolutely fantastic for such a handicap situation, Only God knows if she will survive. But now she can listen to His Word. Thank you so, so much for such wonderful, thoughtful design.

  • 5

    by Karl W

    Es ist ein sehr schönes kleines Gerät. Es ist einfach zu bedienen. Die Lautstärke ist ausreichend. Die deutsche Aussprache ist gut. Als Übersetzung wird die NEÜ, also die Neue Evangelistische Übersetzung verwendet, die gut zur heutigen deutschen Sprache passt. Leider steht nicht in der Produktbeschreibung, dass diese Übersetzung verwendet wird, das würde evtl. manchen die Kauf-Entscheidung erleichtern. Nachteile an diesem Produkt: 1.) Das USB-Steckernetzteil zum Aufladen aus der Steckdose passt nur für US-Steckdosen, aber das ist nicht schlimm, denn solche USB-Netzgeräte sind billig zu kaufen, und durch das mitgelieferte Kabel auch nicht unbedingt nötig wenn man einen laufenden PC in der Nähe hat.

  • 5
    German Bible Audio Player

    by Gregory F

    The Neue evangelistische Übersetzung German Bible is designed around today's German. This is very handy. Earlier German language Bible translations were like reading KJV or Shakespear. Just like, we understand language from that era, but for our every day use, we speak in today's English. The Neue evangelistische Übersetzung is written in today's German as a "Thought for Thought" translation, rather than a "Word for Word" approach. The selection of words for the Poetic books has a stronger selection based on "Rhythm and easier word flow". The Neue evangelistische Übersetzung is a good to have Translation, for the general public. – Both for those in Germany and for those of us, who are outside Germany, this is a practical, easier to read version. The person speaking is good, with a clear and excellent intonation for the book he is reading.