Mandarin Chinese Audio Bible reading

There is and urgency to reach 70% of the people of China who speak Mandarin Chinese. This is a group of people in a region that must not be left behind. Our mission is two-fold, to reach those who have never heard the gospel and to inspire and motivate those who have and are Christians. This can only be accomplished when we share the gospel in the language of the people.

The Mandarin Chinese Audio Bible gives every Mandarin speaker the opportunity to listen to a high-quality narration of the entire Bible in their native tongue. Congregations all over the world, missionaries, and evangelists can now hear and share the message of salvation in a way that can be understood. Having this device will transform ministries making them more effective. Natives can have personal devotions without struggling, Bible studies can be more engaging and meaningful.

Furthermore, this device is user-friendly. It has all the features you need to enjoy every moment of listening. Navigation by the click of a button, earbuds, built in speakers, interactive talkback, and a compact size all combine to make this the easiest Audio Bible to use. For even more convenience you can download your Mandarin Chinese Audio Bible on your MP3 or iPod devices.