Hungarian Bible Audio Bible reading

It is estimated there are over 13 million native Hungarian speakers spread across the world. In Hungary, Christianity is the dominant religion. Making the Bible easily available to Christians and non Christians alike is essential and will ultimately bring joy to the hearts of many. Equally important is ensuring that each person has access to a Bible they can understand.

Our Hungarian Audio Bible is an amazing tool to reach out with the gospel of Christ. With the language barrier removed, it makes it more enjoyable for non-English speakers to listen to, teach, and learn the Word of God in their own tongue. With no need for additional interpretations and translations, evangelists, missionaries, pastors and other ministers can use it for more effective ministry. It is also great for non readers, personal devotions, and small group Bible studies.

With beautiful narrations from some of the best voices around, you will find this device very easy to use but also a pleasure to have. Navigating from book to book, and chapter to chapter of the Old and New Testament is simple—it only takes the click of a button. Its compact size makes it convenient to carry anywhere, and you will love the talk back feature.