Romanian Audio Bible reading

Romanian is the primary language of 24 million people spread across the world. For another 4 million, it is the secondary tongue. The powerful and inspiring message of the gospel must be available to touch and transform the hearts and lives of those who are in dire need. The barriers of language and poor communication can no longer stop them from hearing and benefiting from the gospel.

Having access to the Romanian Audio Bible is the solution. It provides a clear high-quality narration of the entire Old and New Testament so that every Romanian-speaker can listen to the spoken Word in their own native language. Missionaries, evangelists, pastors and others committed to the spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth can use this device in innovative ways to reach those in need and to generate spiritual growth in the lives of Romanian speaking Christians.

The device is user-friendly and you can browse every chapter and book of the Bible with just the click of a button. Listen as it talks back to you and carry it anywhere as you share the good news with those you meet.