New American Standard Audio Bible 

The Bible is the most important book in the world, and there are different translations and versions to choose from. There’s a new way to enjoy God’s Word on your electronic device with the NASB electronic Bible player by Stephen Johnston. This handy Bible player has a pre loaded translation of the NASB Audio Bible but also includes many helpful features like playback, and bookmarking. Whether you’re a Christian looking for a new way to enjoy the scriptures or an easy way to access them on your device, the NASB electronic Bible player is worth checking out

What is Electronic Bible Player?

An electronic Bible player is a small, portable device that can store digital versions of the Audio Bible. This Audio Bible device allowing users to listen to the Bible without needing a separate computer or smartphone.

Electronic Bible players can be helpful for people who want to read the Bible regularly but hearing the Bible is easier and simpler to do than reading the Bible. They are also useful for people traveling or have a busy lifestyle. Additionally, electronic Bible players can be a great resource for people with visual impairments, as they can provide an accessible way to listen to the Bible.

The electronic Bible player can be a great tool for people who want to grow spiritually in Christ. You can learn more about God and His Will for your life by listening to God's Word. The electronic Bible player can also be used as a tool for evangelism. By sharing the gospel with others through this player, people can have a powerful impact on the lives of those around them.

New American Standard NASB Electronic Bible player by Stephen Johnston

The New American Standard Bible Audio (NASB) is a translation of the Bible into modern English. Originally published in 1971, the NASB was created to update the earlier American Standard Version of 1901. Today, the NASB Bible is widely acclaimed as one of the most accurate translations of the Bible available.

The NASB Electronic Bible player is a great way to take your NASB Bible with you wherever you go. This player comes pre loaded with the entire audio Bible reading of the NASB Bible.

If you are looking for an accurate and modern day English translation of the Bible, the New American Standard Bible is a great choice. With its user friendly interface and excellent audio quality, the NASB Electronic Bible player is a great tool for anyone who wants an easy to use Audio Bible device.

Stephen Johnston is a world renowned narrator and voice actor. His work has featured in some of the most popular Bible audio products.

Johnston’s work has been praised by critics and audiences alike for its passion, emotion, and commitment to accuracy and authenticity. He is one of the most gifted and talented Bible narrators working today. Stephen Johnston's goal in this Bible reading is for you to feel as if your best friend is in the front seat reading the Bible to you when driving down the road.

Features of New American Standard NASB Electronic Bible player

1. Voice Only Narration

One of the great features of the NASB electronic player is the voice only narration feature. You can hear the entire Bible read aloud without any music or other sound effects. This is perfect for when you want to focus on God’s Word and nothing else. The voice is clear, making it a great way to experience the Bible. Whether you are looking for a way to catch up on your Bible reading or just want to enjoy hearing God’s Word, the voice only narration is a great option. The narrator’s prayer is that through this recording, you will let the Word of Christ richly dwell in you.

2. Complete Bible

The NASB Electronic Bible player is a great way to keep up with your Bible study, whether at home or outdoors. The Bible player comes loaded with the complete NASB Bible Audio both Old and New Testament, so you can always have God’s Word with you. With the NASB Electronic Bible player, you’ll never be without a Bible study tool or resource.

3. Easy to Use

This Bible audio player is designed to be easy to use. The controls are simple and straightforward. To begin playing an audio file, just press the play button. The volume can be adjusted with the volume control buttons. To advance to the next track, press the forward button. To go back to the previous track, press the back button. To stop playback, press the pause button.

To begin using the Bible audio player, press the power button once. The player will turn on and default to the Audio Bible menu. Use the forward button to scroll through the different Bible books. The player will begin playing audio from that book.

4. Ear Buds

The NASB Electronic Bible player comes with earbuds, so you can listen to the Bible anywhere and a built in loud speaker. The player is also small and lightweight, so you can easily put it in your pocket or purse.

5. Rechargeable Lithium Battery

A rechargeable lithium battery powers the NASB Electronic Bible Audio player. This means you can use it for many hours without worrying about running out of power.

NASB Audio Bible CD

The NASB Audio Bible CD is the voice of Stephen Johnston reading the Old and New Testaments. It includes informative introductions to each book and is packaged in a take anywhere protective case. The Bible narration by Stephen Johnston is clear and easy to listen to, making it a great choice for Bible study or personal devotions. The 58 audio CDs come in a convenient carrying case, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. Whether you are a longtime fan of the NASB translation or just looking for a new audio Bible to try, the NASB Bible on CD is a valuable addition to your library.

Best NASB Audio Bible Player – EASIEST Bible player

The Audio Bible NASB Player is the EASIEST audio Bible player to use with large, easily pressed buttons and a simple design. You can effortlessly find any book or chapter you desire to hear, and if you need to stop for any reason, there’s a bookmarking feature so you can return exactly where you left off later. Moreover, it’s built tough enough to withstand being dropped, so feel free to take it with you wherever you go. Plus,14 hours of battery life means days of enjoyable listening without interruption! The NASB Audio Bible Player is exactly what you want, whether relaxing at home or living your busy lifestyle on the road.

NASB MP3 Bible

The New American Standard Bible MP3 Bible is a great way to hear God’s Word on your MP3 player. This is narrated by Stephen Johnston and includes both the Old and New Testament. The digital recording is high in quality, with 64 KBPS files, which are 1.9 GB in total. Each chapter is on its on track, so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to hear from. This makes it easy to find and listen to specific passages of Scripture. This Bible is a great resource for anyone who wants to discover and read God’s Word. Order your copy today!

NASB Bible on DVD

The NASB video Audio Bible on DVD is the perfect way to study the Bible. The video and audio are top quality, making it easy to see and follow. The Dolby Digital® Stereo audio is clear and lifelike, providing an immersive experience. The optional Through the Bible in a Year Weekly Reading Guide makes it easy to keep up with your readings. The synchronized graphics and text show all the verses, making learning easy.

The Words of Christ are in red text, making them easy to find and read. The widescreen (16:9) and full-frame (4:3) display options make it easy to find the perfect view for you. The interactive menus allow you to easily access any book or chapter.

The optional playback modes make it easy to customize your experience. You can play any chapter, book, or weekly portion of the Bible with the 52-Week Bible Guide. You can also play the entire Holy Bible continuously. Whether new to the Bible or a seasoned scholar, the NASB Bible on DVD is the perfect way to study the Bible.


To summarize, the NASB audio Bible is a great way to learn and study the Word of God. It is read by Stephen Johnston, who is an excellent Bible narrator. The NASB Audio Bible is easy to study and follow. There are no background noises or music, so you can focus on the spoken words. The audio quality is fantastic, and the voice is clear and easy to hear.

The Bible is also available on CD, so hear it in your car or wherever you have a CD player. The NASB Bible player is the best audio Bible player. It has a simple interface that makes it easy to navigate and find the book, chapter, and verse you want to hear. The Bible player has a charging cord and headphones, so you enjoy hearing the Bible anywhere.

The New American Standard Bible MP3 Bible is perfect for those who want to hear the word of Christ on their mobile devices. It is available for MP3, Android and Apple devices and can be played offline. It is a great way to experience the Word of God. It includes both the Old and New Testament. The audio quality is excellent.

Overall, the NASB - video audio Bible on DVD is an excellent way to learn about and experience the Word of God. NASB Bible products are some of the best ways to study the Bible daily! So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite Bible today!