Arabic Audio Bible reading

Over 4% of the world’s population are Arabic speakers.That’s a significant number of people who need easy access to the Word of God in a language that they can relate to and understand. There are too many people who have not heard the gospel or do not a single copy of the Bible in their language. Our mission is to change that and spread the Word of God to all who need it.

Thanks to our Arabic Audio Bible, communicating the message of salvation has been made much easier. The struggle to figure out what is written is over, the Arabic spoken Word allows people everywhere to hear and understand the complete Old and New Testament chapter by chapter and book by book with a high-quality narration in their native tongue.

Homes, ministries, relationships, and lives can now be transformed as the messages in the Bible come alive and become easily available to these men, women, and children. You can use the Bible for personal devotions, evangelism, Bible studies, in groups and among families and friends. Never before has it been so easy. Get our Arabic Audio Bible to enhance your ministry and build your faith. It is easy to carry and navigation is simple—just the click of a button—it will even talk back to you.