Hebrew Audio Bible - The Bible in Hebrew

Are you a Hebrew speaking individual who is interested in studying the Bible in the language you cherish? Or are you multi-linguist and interested in hearing the Bible in the language in which much of it was originally composed? Then our audio Bible in Hebrew is just what you are looking for. This powerful narration of God's Word shines brightly in a language with a rich and vibrant history that is deeply rooted in the Scriptures. Listening to the Bible in Hebrew can take you on a journey that will expand your knowledge of the Scriptures and draw you deeper into your faith.

Hebrew is the language of God's chosen people and the original language of the Old Testament. All of the Old Testament figures (as well as many New Testament ones too!) spoke it as their native tongue. Its history is incredible. Consider Moses for a moment. He wrote the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. What language did he write them in? Hebrew! When you listen to the Scriptures in Hebrew, you are hearing the words of the Bible in the language that the Old Testament authors used. How amazing is that?

There is no way to get any closer to the original message of the Bible. They say every translation is an interpretation, with the translator leaving traces of their own influence within the text. But with the Hebrew audio Bible, you get the entire Hebrew Bible in its original language! It contains the actual wording that it was first written it in, making it the most authentic version of the Bible available. Because of this, the audio Bible in Hebrew will bring you into the world of the Bible like never before.

When you hear the conversations between Old Testament figures, you are hearing the exact words they would've spoken in their exact language. Even more amazing is the fact that when God speaks in the Old Testament, you are hearing the language that He chose to use to communicate with His people. There is a profound depth of meaning in listening to the Bible in this way. The history and beauty behind the Hebrew language will help you engage and understand the Scriptures in a brand new way.

The Hebrew language has the ability to paint beautiful pictures in words. The expressiveness of the language conveys truth through the story as you learn about the history of our world and the ancestors of our faith. While every translation of the Bible is valuable, the Scriptures in Hebrew have the unmatched ability to bring you the most accurate reading of the Bible available. Listening to the Hebrew audio Bible will put you right into the world of the Bible and let you experience it firsthand.

With over 9 million Hebrew speaking people in the world today, we felt it important to offer a Hebrew audio Bible. With it, you can hear Bible verses in Hebrew anyplace, at any time. It is ideal for personal use, allowing you to plug earphones directly into the advice. It also works remarkably well for small group or family time with its powerful built in speaker with crystal clear, digitally recorded audio. Your Hebrew audio Bible is built to last and will serve you well no matter where and how you use it.

Our audio Bible in Hebrew comes on the EASIEST Audio Bible player in the world to use. We believe that nothing should stand in the way of you having direct and easy access to God's Word. That belief has driven our mission of bringing you the most convenient and user friendly audio Bible device on the market today. You should be able to hear God's Word at a moment's notice, no matter where you may be. With our audio Bible in Hebrew, that is completely possible for you today.

There are no longer any barriers to hold you back from hearing the entirety of the Scriptures in Hebrew today. You can embark on this incredible journey alongside the Lord, listening to everything He wants to speak into your life in the sacred language of His people. When you do, you will learn and grow in ways you could never have imagined. Many people worldwide have gone to the next level on their spiritual journey by listening to the Bible in its original language. This incredible experience is available to you today as you listen to every Bible verse in Hebrew throughout the whole of God's Word.