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Hebrew Audio Bible - Bible in Hebrew audio

About 9 million people in the world speak Hebrew, the language known as the “holy language” in which much of the Bible was written. Yet, there are millions of these same people who find it difficult to access the gospel in their native tongue. The reality is, that the only way we will expand our reach to the Hebrew-speaking people is by removing the limitations of language and making the Bible easily available and accessible to them.

Thanks to the Hebrew Audio Bible, those challenges are in the past. Every word of the Old and New Testaments can be heard aloud in a high-quality Hebrew narration. It is the perfect tool to build your faith in personal devotions, use on missionary trips, evangelism outreach, bible studies and to share the inspiring messages of Scripture with family and friends.

Its easy-to-use features make navigation simple and hassle-free as you browse every chapter and book with just the click of the button. It is compact in size and easy to carry around. You will love the idea of being able to take the Hebrew spoken Word with you wherever you choose.