Audio Bible versions


King James Over the past 400 years, the King James Version of the Bible has been respected deeply by English speakers all over the world. This English translation was commissioned by King James 1 of England and was started in 1604. It was completed in 1611. Hundreds of years later, readers are no longer restricted to the print version of this Bible but have easy access to a variety of styles, sizes, and types.

We provide several ways for you to listen to the KJV Bible whenever you want and wherever you go. You may want to listen to a CD while you’re in your car or at home. Or you may prefer to have a more portable method so you can take the Bible with you on a walk or while you’re moving around your home or garden. Try our downloadable version, which you can keep on your iPod or phone, or the audio solar Bible player, which is compact and easy to use.


New International Several years of study was conducted by the Christian Reformed Church and the National Association of Evangelicals concerning the need for a new translation of the Bible. The idea of having a New International Version was conceived in 1965 and was supported by a large number of church leaders after they met in 1966. Fifteen biblical scholars were given the responsibility for the project and the complete version of the NIV Bible was first printed in 1978.

Decades after, we have access to this translation in many forms. Our New International Version audio Bible comes in many different formats and there is one that’s just right for you. It is available on CD’s, downloadable formats, and audio solar player versions, along with the interactive DVD version. All professionally narrated, your NIV audio Bible will be with you when you need comfort, inspiration, and guidance. We provide the simplicity, convenience, and availability, God provides the Word and you provide the open heart to hear it.


New King James For seven years, 130 biblical scholars, leaders of the church and other Christians labored to complete this contemporary translation of the Bible after it was commissioned by Thomas Nelson publishers in 1975. This translation remains staunchly committed to the original Aramaic, Greek, and Hebrew text.

The New King James Version of the Bible has been a blessing in the literal sense of that word to so many people because it makes the language understandable and easier to read. That’s why we bring you this amazing gift in many audio formats, one of which is sure to fit your life and make hearing the Word of God easier for you to work into your day.

Available on CD, audio player, downloadable and even an interactive DVD format.


Catholic Bible When life gets tough, sometimes, Sunday Mass is just not enough, and we need a way to bring God into our hearts and our minds more often. Our amazing selection of Catholic Bibles in a variety of versions and formats will do just that.

Available in NAB, and NRSV versions in CD, Cassette, MP3 and downloadable formats. These blessed Bibles will give you the comfort, wisdom, and guidance through the loving Word of God wherever you are.


New American Standard It is widely acknowledged that the New American Standard Bible is the most accurate translation of the English Bibles. Completed in 1971, it is the Bible of choice for millions of people who want to unearth what is said in the original text and apply it to their lives.

The New American Standard Audio Bible is available to those who need to hear the Word of God in words they can understand. It is available in a variety of formats including CD,s, DVD,s and can be downloaded to your portable devices.


Spanish Bible Casiodoro de Reina (1569) translated the original Spanish Bible from Hebrew and Greek but later it was revised by Cipriano de Valera (1602). Today, we have the opportunity to access the Bible in Spanish not only in print but also in audio.

You can listen to the inspiring messages on the Spanish Audio Bible in a variety of formats and versions to help bring you closer to God in your native language—CD’s, DVD’s, and downloadable versions of Spanish Reina Valera 2000 Biblia en Audio, Spanish Santa Biblia, Historias Biblicas, Bible Stories from Spanish Old and New Testament are available.


New Living Translation Translated from the oldest languages into a contemporary language by some ninety leading scholars, the New Living Translation is the trusted Bible of millions worldwide and is available in a variety of versions and formats.

You can get the Bible Alive NLT Living Translation on CD dramatized, the One Year NLT Reading for MP3 and iPod, your NLT Audio Bible Player and the NLT Living Translation on DVD and Video. Listening to the Word of God in a modern language will draw you closer to Him on your Christian journey.


Holman Christian Standard Bible Two decades ago, a team of over one hundred respected scholars from some 17 denominations had the vision to produce an English version of the Bible that remained true to the ancient text, yet, could be easily understood by the masses.

While you may not have heard of the Holman Christian Standard version, we are certain that once you try our Audio Bible, you will find that the vision has been one-hundred percent accomplished. See for yourself by ordering one of our Holman Christian Standard Bible players today.


English Standard In the early 1990s, Lane T. Dennis proposed the idea for a literal translation of the Bible by pastors and scholars. Afterward, the English Standard Version (ESV) was created from the revision of the 1971 edition of the Revised Standard Version.

Our wonderfully narrated English Standard audio Bibles come in a variety of formats. You can enjoy the entire ESV Bible in a compact size that allows you to take it with you wherever you go or the Bible on DVD that you can read and listen to when you’re relaxing at home. You will always have the scriptures handy whenever you need comfort, guidance, wisdom or you just need to hear the Word.


Good News Bible The American Bible Society first published the Good News Bible in 1976. It was translated as a “common language” Bible with the goal of promoting engagement with the text through added readability. The translation process honored the original languages of the Bible while also producing a reading that is modern and relatable. The Good News Bible is held in high esteem among Bible scholars today.

Because of its accuracy alongside its accessibility, the Good News Bible has become the chosen translation for many believers today. There is a richness and power to this translation as it presents the truth of God in a simple yet impactful way.