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The King James Bible has a legacy all its own. It has become the chosen translation of many Christians for centuries because of its flow and beautiful language. The fact that the KJV (King James Version) has been a vital part of the Christian tradition for so long is a testament to its impact on its readers throughout the years. Even in modern times, the KJV is influencing the hearts of people worldwide. Its language and structure are timeless, speaking to people since its inception.

You can feel the impact of the King James Version of the Bible in your own life with your very own KJV audio Bible. If you're looking for a daily audio Bible, the King James Audio Bible provides a translation trusted by countless believers throughout history. The unique voice of the King James translation has a reputation of speaking into people's lives like no other. This truth explains how it has stood the test of time, boasting longevity unmatched by any other translation.

If you're looking for a King James audio Bible, we are your trusted choice since 1998. With us, you'll find both variety and value. We always offer free shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee. We want to get a King James audio Bible in your hands so that you can have a daily audio Bible that will bring you the spiritual benefits you need. You want to draw closer to God, and He wants to bring you into His loving arms. A healthy, daily relationship with His Word is the gateway to this reality in your life.

The King James translation has a history stemming back to January of 1604 when King James of England convened the Hampton Court Conference with the goal of creating a new translation that would correct the problems found within translations of that time. The conference that crafted the King James version consisted of 54 of England's leading Biblical scholars. The translators referred to the Old and New Testaments' original languages to create an accurate translation that was faithful to God's Word. It was first published in 1611.

The King James translation has a special place in history because of the time in which it was published. Emerging printing technology allowed the Bible to be in the hands of more people than ever before, and the version they received was the King James Version. Prior to that, many people didn't have the means to own their own Bible as they were difficult to produce because books had to be copied by hand. Most believers only heard the Word of God read aloud in church. The printing press revolutionized the way that English-reading believers interacted with their Bible, and the King James Version was the Bible at the center of that.

The KJV's legacy is not lost to history, though. It proves itself to be an inspirational translation to this day. Even after over four-hundred years, people around the world are still finding their lives radically changed for the better as a result of engaging with the KJV. You can be one of those people by investing in one of our many convenient options for a KJV audio Bible. The legacy and beauty of the translation, coupled with the power of God's Word, will deepen your faith in ways you could never imagine.

A daily Bible reading routine is an essential element of your Christian journey that you can't ignore. The KJV audio Bible makes it easy and convenient to stick to your goals of taking in God's Word every day. We offer KJV audio Bibles in many varieties to meet your specific needs. We have the Bible on audio KJV on CD, MP3, and DVD. You also have the option of getting a KJV audio Bible player that has the entirety of the Scriptures pre-loaded onto the device in the King James translation.

One of the most engaging ways to experience our King James audio Bible is with our Dramatized King James Video Bible on DVD. Narrator Stephen Johnson takes you on an adventure through the KJV Bible, bringing it to life like never before. If you're looking to enhance your Bible reading, this daily audio Bible is an excellent choice. If you'd like to take a dramatized audio version of the KJV on the go, we also can provide the dramatized King James Bible on 59 CDs by Alexander Scourby. He was the first narrator to make a complete recording of the Bible in 1944 and had a long career in radio and television as an actor and narrator.

Our KJV audio Bible players are the easiest audio Bible players in the world to use. They were designed with you in mind, allowing you to access any point in Scripture quickly. We've worked hard to tear down some of the barriers that come between you and reading your Bible. Now, all you have to do is get a King James audio Bible of your own and begin listening to everything that God wants to speak into your heart. When you do, He will set your feet on the path that He has prepared for your life.

The King James Version of the Bible has been so popular over the years because not only is it a translation crafted with expertise and care, but it is a delight to read. The wording was prepared with the highest literary standards in mind. This aspect of its creation has allowed the KJV Bible to engage readers of all types throughout the past four hundred plus years. The high literary standards of the KJV take your heart and mind on a journey of faith as you listen to your King James Version audio Bible. Experience for yourself why the KJV Bible is so beloved.

God shapes the world as we know it and brought about the translation of the King James Bible because He knew the power that it would have in our lives. When selecting the best daily audio Bible for you, you can't go wrong with one of our King James audio Bibles. God will use it to enrich your life with the purpose and meaning that comes from Him alone. He will overwhelm you with peace and love as He welcomes you into His embrace. Pick up one for yourself today and watch as this scene becomes a reality in your own life.