Good News Translation Audio Bible GNT

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What is the Good News Bible Translation?

The Good News Bible, also known as the Good News Translation GNT, was first published in 1966. It was designed with a contemporary, common language to make the Old Testament accessible to a wider audience.

A committee appointed by the American Bible Society started finding ways to express the meaning of scriptural passages as clearly and accurately as possible rather than strictly adhering to a word for word translation method. As a result, the Good News Translation Bible has been praised for its clarity and readability.

While it is not considered a completely literal translation, the Good News Translation Bible remains a popular choice for individual Bible study and group discussion. This simple modern translation makes it an excellent choice for those new to Scripture or looking for an accessible way to deepen their understanding of the Bible. The GNT is faithful to original Hebrew and Koine Greek texts.

5 Best Features of the GNT Bible player

In today's fast paced world, finding time to sit down and read the Bible can be challenging. We're excited to introduce our new Good News Audio Bible. This innovative new device makes it easy to listen to the full Bible, both Old and New Testament wherever you are, in the car, at the gym, or even out for a walk. Here are 5 of our favorite features of the Good News Audio Bible.

An Innovative Design

The Good News Audio Bible player is small and lightweight, making it easy to take wherever you go. Plus, the sleek design makes it easy to carry in your shirt pocket or purse.

Superior Sound Quality

We've equipped the Good News Audio Bible player with a powerful speaker that deliver clear high quality sound. Whether you're listening in your car or at home, you'll be able to hear every word loud and clear.

Easy to use Navigation

The Good News Audio Bible comes with a user friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate through the different books of the Bible. You can also bookmark the last place you listen, for easy reference later on.

A wealth of Extras

In addition to listening to the Bible, the Good News Translation Audio Bible device comes loaded with several extra features, a built in loud speaker, earbuds for private listening, built in solar cell, electrical charging cable and electrical adapter, built in rechargeable battery.

Affordable Price

We believe everyone should have access to the Word of God, which is why we've priced the Good News Audio Bible device accordingly and offer FREE shipping in the USA, International Shipping is also available. It's an affordable way to bring the Word of God into your daily life. 


The Good News Translation audio Bible device has a small and lightweight design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. The audio Bible also has superior sound quality so that you can hear every word loud and clear no matter where you are.

Listening to the Good News Audio Bible player is easy and enjoyable. You will be inspired by the beautiful narrations of the Scriptures as they come to life. It’s a great device that makes sharing the gospel simple and effective. Use it on missionary journeys, in your evangelistic outreach, your personal Bible studies, with family and friends or even give it as a gift.

The Good News Audio Bible has amazing features that make navigation simple. By the click of a raised button, you can move from book to book and chapter to chapter with ease. It’s compact, easy to carry and so interactive and engaging it talks back to you and tells you exactly what book and exactly what chapter you are listening to.


What denomination uses the Good News Translation Bible?

The Good News Bible is sometimes called the "Evangelical Bible." It is a Protestant translation of the Bible that was initially published in 1966.

The Good News Bible is popular among Evangelicals and other Protestant Christians. Some Catholics and Messianic Jews also use it.

Is the Good News Bible a good translation?

The Good News Bible is a well known translation of the Bible that seeks to be more accessible to people who are not familiar with religious terminology. However, some people find that it takes away from the poetic nature of the biblical text.