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One year Bible Audio Player

Reading the Word of God is the foundational spiritual discipline of the Christian life. Through its pages, God reveals to us the way that He would have us live. There is no other standard for our life than the teachings found within. Building a routine that leads us to read the entire Bible in a year is a beautiful way of growing in our faith. Knowing the whole of the Scriptures helps us to become the best men and women of faith that we can possibly be.

The Bible is long, containing so much wisdom throughout its pages. Sometimes it can be easy to get lost in the Bible, accidentally skipping over parts. These sections may be ones where God is attempting to speak something important to us. A Bible in One Year audio device will ensure that you don't miss anything in the Scriptures. You will get the most out of your Bible reading every time, as you will hear every single word of the Bible.

Our One Year Audio Bible is the easiest, most convenient way to make this happen in your life. The audio begins, the device will tell you which day, book, and chapter you are listening to. All of the files are separated into 365 different files so that there are separate ones for each day of the year. The daily readings were planned out by leading Biblical scholars to create a flow that will enhance your understanding of what God is trying to say. You can look at it as a guided tour through the entire Bible, piece by piece, to help you digest it. It's great to use for either daily devotionals or for reading the entire Bible in a year.

No longer do you have to try to figure out what part of the Bible you are going to read on a particular day. The Bible is not a novel, and it's often best not to read it front to back in order. That's why a One Year Bible reading plan is so fruitful in the life of a believer. Our One Year Audio Bible takes the guesswork out of your daily Bible reading routine. The unit even has a bookmarking feature that allows you to stop the device and return later to the exact point that you were at before.

We have two main options for our One Year audio Bible. You can choose between the One Year Daily Devotional Audio Bible Player or the Chronological Bible Player. Both Bible in one year audio devices will guide you to reading the entirety of the Scriptures within one year. The One Year Daily Devotional Audio Bible Player contains the entire King James Bible, a word for word translation that has touched countless lives for centuries. The Chronological Bible Player also guides you through the whole Bible in a year, but the readings are broken up in the order that the events actually happened. The Chronological method can be extremely helpful in helping you to comprehend the bigger story of the Bible as you hear it unfold in chronological order.

The Chronological Bible Player contains the updated 2nd edition of the New Living Translation Bible. It is the best one year Bible NLT audio player available. It is narrated by Todd Busteed, a professor at Wheaton College and former teacher of communications and vocal performance at Moody Bible Institute. Some of his most influential work has been for Adventures in Odyssey and The Chronicles of Narnia for Focus on the Family.

Time with God in His Word must be part of our daily routine. Through it, God gives us the strength and motivation to conquer our day. Consistency in this practice leads us to great growth as the Holy Spirit fills our lives. Your very own One Year Audio Bible can be the catalyst that helps you begin this life-changing routine in your life. We are blessed by the capabilities of modern technology and have the ability to interact with God's Word in new ways. Don't let the opportunity pass you by. An audio one year Bible will be an investment that you won't regret.

When we don't have a plan regarding how we read our Bible, we often never end up reading certain parts of it. Having a roadmap to follow guarantees that we will not miss anything in God's Word. All of the Bible is valuable to our lives, and it would be a shame if we passed by even a single word. A One Year Daily Audio Bible will help guarantee that you don't miss any part of what God is trying to speak into your life.

Our thoughts shape our actions, and our thoughts stem from our worldview. When we know the whole of God's story, as recorded in the Bible, it begins to shape our worldview. God takes the things that we learn and makes them become part of us, leading us to a life pleasing to Him. A One Year Audio Bible will present to you the whole of God's story, helping you to build a foundation for your faith that is stronger than you could imagine. Seeing the entire scope of God's plans for your life and for Creation will lead you to a more vibrant faith.

Having consistency in your Bible reading routine will help equip you for all that God has planned for you to do in your life. God has filled you with unlimited potential, and the Bible has the encouragement and wisdom to guide you to realize it. The more that you read your Bible consistently, the more you will learn and grow in your faith. That faith will carry you throughout every challenge in your life, bringing you to new growth at every step. That new growth will allow you to serve the Lord in everything that you do.

The Bible has changed the world, and it can change your life. Whether you have read the Bible before or are approaching it for the first time, it has immeasurable value for your life. A one year audio Bible is a sure bet no matter where you find yourself along your journey. Through it, God will help you find wisdom, encouragement, and purpose. God's presence will surround you daily, and you will feel Him always by your side. Your relationship with God is the most important relationship in your life, and reading His Word is how you cultivate it to be all that it can be.

Never forget that "All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right" (2 Timothy 3:15, NLT). Don't ever let a single passage of God's Word pass you by. Following a one year Bible reading plan will rejuvenate your faith, bringing you closer to God than ever before. Commit to reading the entire Bible this coming year, and watch how God changes your life!