One year Bible Audio Player

If you are looking for the One Year Bible Audio player, you have 2 great options to choose from.

The 1st option you have is the King James Version read by Dr. Paul Mims. It is a voice only reading. It's a nice slow reading of the King James. Day one starts off in Genesis. Day 365 is at the ending chapter of Revelation. What the One Year Bible Audio player does, is it takes the 1189 chapters of the Bible, combines them down to 365 files, and then that's one file for each day.

At the beginning of each day, it announces what day you're on from day 1 and then the last day is day 365, and then at the end of each day after you've listened to some Scripture, usually about 11 or 12 minutes each day, the player dings and it lets you know that's the end of that day's reading and it goes onto the next day. There is nothing for you to do other than turn this player on and start listening to the Bible. All the files are already grouped together in 365 days and so you just turn the player on and listen to it day by day by day. After you listen to the day's audio lesson which is usually 11 or 12 minutes each day, Day-1 starts off in Genesis and Day-365 is the last chapter of Revelation. So from day-to-day, it will announce the day at the very beginning of the day's reading and then at the end of that day's reading, it will ding and you'll know that's the ending for that particular day.

Whenever you get done listening, it has a bookmarking button on the front of the unit. You hit the bookmark button. You can turn the unit off and then you can come back a couple of hours later, the next day, or even a week later and take a right back off where you started. So you can listen to as many days in a row as you want or if you need not listen one day, you can do that and you'll still take off at the day that you're at wherever you left the bookmark at. So it's very nice, it's very convenient. There's nothing more for you to do. This is already set up perfectly for you and it is a really wonderful way to listen to the Bible in a year.

The One Year Bible audio player has a loud built-in speaker and then on the back it has a built-in solar cell if you want to charge it using the sunlight. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery. The unit also comes with a set of earbuds so you can listen to it privately and/or you can listen to it in a small group with the loud built-in speaker and then you also get an electrical adaptor and a charging cable. This allows you to charge the unit on regular house electricity from 100-240 volts AC, so it works on any electrical system in the world. The unit is very rugged in construction and it's small and thin. You can put it in your shirt pocket or put it in your purse.

The 2rd option for your One Year Bible Audio player is that you can get the NLT, which is the New Living Translation. It is a modern-day reading of the Bible. It is a dramatized Audio bible version and what "dramatized" means is that there are different voices for different characters in the Bible. There might be some light background music in places and then also some light sound effects in different parts of the Bible. Example: When Jesus talks to the woman at the well, you may hear a woman's voice there. Or if Jesus is calming the sea when he and the disciples are out on the boat, you can hear some wind blowing background sound effects and you can also hear some crashing waves background sound effects as well. One thing about this NLT Bible is that it is a chronological Bible. So the days are set up in the order that things happened. For example, like the very first days will be Genesis and then the days after that will be Job and then there's actually a Bible reading plan that tells you what day certain chapters and certain verses are read, this is a chronological Bible and it is also done in the one year Bible format and this one happens to say January 1, January 2, January 3, and so on. So it's numbered a little different, but it is very nice.

If you like a dramatized Audio Bible reading of the Bible, this is very entertaining. There's a little bit more going on on the dramatized Bible. Some people love that and then other people find that it's a little bit too distracting. They just want to hear the Word of God without any kind of light music, light sound effects, you know, different voices, and that kind of thing. We do have audio samples of all these Audio Bibles on our website. When you click on any of the Bible players listed above. We have 3 options for you. 2 King James players and then this 1 NLT chronological Bible. You can listen to audio samples of every one of our Audio Bibles. It's online.

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