Russian Audio Bible - Russian Bible audio

The Russian language has around 258 million speakers across the world. It is the most spoken Slavic language and the most spoken native language in Europe. Russian is one of two official languages spoken at the International Space Station and one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Needless to say, it’s an essential language for Bible translation. There are many, many people who benefit from having God’s Word available to them in Russian!

That’s why we are proud to make available to you our Russian Audio Bible on the EASIEST audio Bible reader in the world to use. This compact and convenient audio Bible contains both the Old and New Testament in their entirely. It is a voice-only reading, with the option to listen either through its powerful built-in speaker or privately with an earbud that are included. Its raised buttons make it easy to navigate between each book and chapter of the Holy Bible.

If you’re looking for the Bible in Russian, this Russian Bible audio will be the perfect resource for your journey of faith. Its bookmarking option lets you stop the reading and pick it back up later precisely where you left off. Being only 4 inches high, 2 5/16th inches wide, and ½ inch deep, it fits easily into a shirt pocket so you can take your Russian Audio Bible reader wherever you go! It is also water resistant and boasts rock solid construction, making it the perfect companion for all your adventures! With this Russian Audio Bible, you’ll never have to be without God’s Word.

Our Russian Audio Bible contains the Holy Synodal Version of the Holy Bible. This version of the Holy Bible is a translation commonly used by the Russian Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic, Russian Baptists, and other Protestant communities in Russia. The translation took place over a long period of time, 1813-1875, with the first complete edition being published in 1876. The translation began in 1813, after the establishment of the Russian Bible Society and by permission of Czar Alexander I. The complete Russian New Testament was published in 1820.

Jesus has given us the calling to bring the Bible to people of every language and nation. Our Russian Audio Bible is our way of honoring that calling of helping people of all languages have access to the Word of God. Russian is a prominent and powerful language in our world and it’s essential that its native speakers can comfortably read and understand the life changing truth of the Gospel.

The Bible contains the very words of God, given to the biblical authors to write. His truth pours out of every page and has changed the lives of countless people throughout generations. God uses His Word to shape our hearts and minds from the inside out, revealing to us the truth about Him, ourselves, and the world He has created for us. The Holy Synodal version of the Russian Holy Bible has been a prominent and influential translation of God’s Word since it was first published over 200 years ago and continues to inspire the lives of many today. We are honored to continue the wonderful tradition and expand it by presenting this Russian Bible in audio.

God has created a richness and diversity within the human race and our language. This Russian Bible audio celebrates the deep and beautiful history of the Russian language while spreading the Good News of the Gospel. If you yourself or someone you know knows or speaks Russian, this is a wonderful way to experience and enjoy the Word of God.

God is continually speaking through His Word generation after generation. The Bible is not static, but a living and continual source of truth and wisdom. Each language and translation of the Bible brings about new truth and beauty within the text. That is true of the Bible in Russian as well, especially the Holy Synodal translation of the Scriptures. It is not a simple translation but rather a lovingly produced text that is biblically sound while honoring the beauty and history of the Russian language.

Our Russian Audio Bible on the EASIEST Audio Bible reader in the world to use it the perfect gift for you or someone you love. When you listen to God’s Word in Russian, He will enrich and bless your life like never before. You will grow closer to Him the more you know the Bible, and this Russian Bible audio makes it available in a convenient and highly accessible way. God’s Word should be available to EVERYONE despite what language they speak, and your support of our Russian Audio Bible reader makes it possible for us to continue our mission.