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With the Bible on Video, God's Word comes to life like never before as you interact with it in a whole new way. Boasting over 70 hours of Dolby Digital Stereo Audio on one DVD, your video Bible will recite both the Old and New Testaments with synchronized graphics and text showing every verse. Jesus' words are in red, and interactive menus guide you to any book or chapter you desire. There's also an optional Through the Bible in a Year Weekly Reading Guide. If you've been considering a video Bible to help enhance your spiritual journey, don't hesitate: pick one up today! Through it, God will do miraculous things in your life.

We offer a variety of translations, so you can find a video Bible that will speak in a language that resonates with you. Our five translations include the KJV Video Bible, the NIV Video Bible, the NASB Video Bible, the NLT Video Bible, and the ESV Video Bible. These translations cover a wide range of styles, so you are sure to find one that speaks to you. Whether you're looking for something more traditional or more modern, we've got your back. We have precisely what you need to understand and enjoy your very own video Bible to the fullest.

Whether you've been reading the Bible your entire life, or you are picking it up for the first time, the Bible on DVD is an excellent resource for spiritual growth! The visuals that go along with the text are inspiring, helping us to understand what the Bible is trying to tell us in a fresh way. Through it, we can gain insight into God's Word that we've never had before. A video of the Bible can enlighten you in ways that just hearing or reading won't do. The Bible on Video has been crafted to draw out the Scriptures' beauty by coupling each passage with relevant, inspiring imagery.

Don't let the enticing television programs take hold of you. Take control of the content of what you are watching with the Bible on video. Let your media choice work for you and not against you as you are inspired by God's Word expressed in this interactive way. God desires to guide you through His Word, and the Bible on DVD can be the catalyst for that in your life.

Gone are the days of struggling to read the Bible. By sitting back while watching and listening, you can let the Word of God flow through you. With easy to navigate menus, you can follow your Bible reading plan effortlessly, crushing your goals, and staying on track. Your earnest desire to read through the Bible can be realized, and you can enjoy it more than ever before!

God gave us multiple senses to experience the world around us. The more that we can use to engage with His Word, the better. The Bible on DVD allows you to experience the Bible with both your eyes and ears, taking in the incredible wisdom that comes from God Himself. Don't limit the way that you interact with God's Word. The more you can broaden your horizons in how you interact with the Bible, the more it will come alive and make sense to you. A Bible video of your own can be your biggest step in that direction.

Your Bible on DVD also includes the Ultimate Bible Q&A Game, featuring hundreds of questions to put your Biblical knowledge to the test. This fun, interactive option helps challenge you as you work towards a better understanding of God's Word. It is a fun, simple way to strive towards a better understanding of the Bible. It's fun and engaging to play on your own or with your family and friends! It can make for a compelling game night for families.

Also, enjoy the included Holy Land Photo Tour. Experience the world of the Bible like never before by taking a photographic journey through the world of the Bible. You can experience it with your choice of three audio tracks, which enhance the experience. The beauty and history behind these places are unparalleled, and witnessing them has propelled the faith of many believers. Be inspired and learn as you see the places where Jesus' Himself actually walked.

There is no substitute for a healthy relationship with God's Word in your life. The Bible on video is an excellent tool in helping you to achieve that relationship. God will lead every step of your life through His Word, walking alongside you through everything you experience. He wants to show you exactly where you are supposed to be and how to get the most out of life. All you have to do is invite Him into your heart and engage with the Bible.

The Bible is one of the most profound ways that God speaks to us. It contains His very Word, expressed through the biblical authors and passed down through generation after generation of believers. It is a great gift that He has given us, and we must not let that gift go to waste. We must embrace it and do everything we can to make it an integral part of our life. With the wonders of modern technology, we have more opportunities than ever to make that happen. The Bible on video is one of those ways.

Make a renewed commitment to the Bible today. There is no better time than right now to give your yes to God and devote yourself to hearing what God has to say. He wants to be near you, and He wants to change your life. Nothing is holding you back but yourself. Start your journey of a newfound relationship with God's Word today. If you do, you'll find it will be the beginning of the rest of your life, as God longs to make us new again through His Word.

Isaiah 33:7 reads, “Your eyes will see the King in His beauty; They will behold a far-distant land” (NIV). Through His Word, God wants to reveal to us things previously unseen. He shows us who He is throughout the pages of the Bible, revealing all of His beauty and majesty. He also shows us where He is leading us, giving us purpose and hope. The Bible on DVD puts these truths on full display, highlighting the natural beauty of the Scriptures.

God has designed the Bible to be a beautiful tapestry of love, hope, and peace. These themes are connected and interwoven together to create the most incredible book ever written. While you may have read the Bible in the past, you have never seen it in this way before. Your Bible on video will open your eyes to an entirely new side of the Scriptures, instilling renewed faith in you. The Bible on DVD makes it easier than ever to interact with God’s Word in a powerful way. What’s stopping you? Pick up yours today!