Swedish Audio Bible

In the 1520’s, King Gustav Vasa commissioned the translation of the Bible into Swedish. Over time, many other translations were produced making it easier for the over 10 million Swedish-speaking people all over the world to access and understand Scripture in their mother tongue.

The Bible continues to play a significant role in the establishment of the Swedish language and Sweden itself. Now, its access and availability have become more widespread with the introduction of the Swedish Audio Bible Player. This amazing device allows users to listen to every word of the Old and New Testaments in their native language. Each chapter is read aloud by a professional narrator who brings it to life and makes listening a pleasure.

Use the Swedish Audio Bible in your evangelism and outreach ministries, for your personal Bible studies and devotions or to share with friends and family. You will enjoy the interaction, the convenience, and most of all, the powerful messages of the Gospel in Swedish.

Its easy-to-use features make the Swedish Audio Bible player a “must-have.” It has talk-back features and navigation from chapter to chapter is done by the simple click of a button. You will have a compact, convenient, sturdy device to carry anywhere. Listen for hours as you inspire yourself and others.