Meet the Team at Audio Bible | Service is what sets us apart

Paula is head of our customer service department. Paula has been with Audio Bible since 2017. If you call and have any questions, Paula will be the person who will help you with any questions you may have. Before, during or after the sale, Paula is wonderful and we often get many customer compliments about her great service.

Paula has helped 1000s of customers like your self over the years. Paula will meet and exceed your expectation for help and customer service.

Dylan is responsible for packing your order. Dylan handpicks each Bible for your order. Dylan makes sure each customer receives the correct Bible that is ordered. Dylan is also responsible to program and test each Bible player. Making sure the player works correctly before shipping and the correct version and language is programmed correctly onto the players.

Allen is responsible for programming and maintaining the Audio Bible library. With 100s of Audio Bibles stored in the Audio Bible library, this is a busy responsibility program and monitor every day. Allen also manages the shipping department and staff. Allen has been involved with Audio Bibles for over 25 years, Allen's passion is to get God's Word out.

The Development Team is a group of people who make all the behind the scene things happen. All are experts in their own programming specialty. Each programmer has several years of experience in programming various computer languages. These are the people that make the website run smooth and effectively so that the website is fast and easy for the customer to use and order from.

Rick is the owner of this website. Rick originally started the website in 1998. Rick is focused on helping God spread His Word to the ends of the Earth. Rick works on improving the user experience on the website. Rick is always learning as the internet technology is always changing.

Thank you and God Bless you from the Audio Bible team