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Spanish Audio Bible reading

You may think that because Spain has a long Catholic history and there are hundreds of millions of native Spanish speakers across the world that Spanish Bibles would be as readily distributed as they should be. But, that’s not true. Unfortunately, there are millions of Spanish-speaking people who direly need to understand the life-changing messages of the gospel. This will only be accomplished when the language gap is bridged.

The great news is that the gospel in Spanish is easily available for distribution in several formats. You can now have your Bible on DVD, download it on your MP3 or iPod devices or listen to the complete Old Testament and New Testament on your Audio Bible player. These are great ways to reach your friends and family who speak Spanish as the readings are clear and professionally translated.

Your Bible studies, personal devotions, and evangelistic ministries will become fresh and new as you use these devices to your advantage. All formats of our Spanish Bibles are affordable, easy-to-use and of a high-quality. They have been specially designed to make navigation simple with the press of a button and allow you to have an enjoyable and meaningful experience with the Word of God.