Hindi Audio Bible reading

Hindi is the official language of India and one of the major languages in the world. Hindi-speaking people everywhere can now listen to the complete Bible—the New and Old Testament read aloud in their native language. The Hindi audio Bible has changed the way you access the Word of God for your devotions, bible studies and your ability to just interact, engage, and connect. Now, you can share the messages , stories, and inspiration found in the Bible with your family and friends in a way that they can relate to and understand. It is easy to use and you can move from chapter to chapter and book to book with just the click of a button and with confidence. Take it with you anywhere and use it’s many features to your benefit. The unit has a built-in solar cell and built-in speaker for small group listening. It also comes with ear buds and a charging cable for USB or electrical power recharging and many more convenient features. This Hindi Bible audio player is a perfect way to hear the Bible in Hindi and be captivated by every word.