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Audio Bible reader - Pick the Best Bible voice


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Alexander Scourby

Listening to Alexander Scourby read the Holy Scriptures is an amazing experience. His extraordinary voice fills the air with excitement and dramatic nuances that compel you to hear more. Alexander brings the Bible to life creating vivid scenes of the events of the Old and New Testament in your mind's eye. As he delivers the lessons, you will fully appreciate everything that God has done and what He has promised to His children. The Word will reach into the depths of your soul and motivate you to apply God’s principles to your life as you live in purpose and destiny.


Bob Souer

Bob Sauer’s lyrical voice is like none other. No wonder his narration of the New King James Version Audio Bible brings such joy and pleasure to so many people. His exceptional vocal skills and his passion combine to present this version of the Scriptures in a clear and engaging tone. You will understand every word as you listen to the lessons God wants you to learn. The NKJV Bible is filled with knowledge and information. It’s written in a way that you can relate to. Equally powerful and useful is NKJV audio version. Added to that, with Bob Sauer’s voice in your ears, you will be eager to hear more of the life-giving Word to make you stronger.

David Heath

David Heath’s voice is smooth and soothing, perfect for the narration of the messages of peace, joy, and comfort found in the Bible. Your heart will be touched as you hear the spoken Word revealed on your Audio Bible with such clarity and perfection. As David speaks, you will visualize the contents of the scriptures like never before. Its revelatory truth will encourage and inspire you as you walk with God. You can hear David Heath’s narrations on the ESV Audio Bible player and the ESV Video Bible on DVD.


George Sarris

The Bible is filled with drama, vivid scenes, inspirational messages, words of comfort, compassion, and love. How do you find the perfect voice to bring each and every story to life? George Sarris—listening to him read the biblical teachings of the NIV Bible is storytelling at its best. The cadence of his voice rises and falls to color the text of the Bible in a way that makes it much easier to get excited about. Listening to him narrate the NIV Bible turns it into a new adventure, and it’s hard to walk away. Get your NIV audio Bible on CD voice only or the dramatized version both beautifully read by George Sarris.


Kelly Ryan Dolan

Kelly Ryan’s narration of The Message Audio Bible is dynamic, inspiring, and comforting. The Message Bible gives you insight into the heart of God and as Kelly Ryan reads it, you will be delightfully surprised and blessed with his soothing and entertaining voice that cannot be ignored. You have the opportunity to listen on multiple devices, which makes it easier for you to take the Word of God everywhere. The journey to a place closer to God is intensely private and being able to listen to the Word in a lively, clear, and captivating tone keeps it that way. The Message Audio Bible with Kelly Ryan Dolan makes listening a pleasure and it will enhance your spiritual growth.


Max McLean

Max McLean is a master at storytelling, and he reads the Bible in a way that can’t be compared or replicated. His stunning voice, performance skills, and commitment to the Word bring the messages from the pages into our hearts. It’s so intriguing that you feel present in every moment and every scene. With this version of the Bible, you can listen at home, on the go and virtually anywhere you are. It’s a wonderful biblical experience. Listen to the Max McLean Audio Bible reading of the NIV on your Audio Bible player and be inspired to take your faith to the next level as the Word of God brings life and power to your very being.


Mike Kellogg

There are many special surprises when it comes to Mike Kellogg’s amazing reading of the NLT Bible. This audio Bible is filled with the rich timber of his voice, vividly coloring the stories. It’s an experience that you will want to repeat over and over again. While it’s great to get lost in the Word of God, it’s even better to be able to take the Word with you. Being able to download the NLT Bible onto an MP3 player, Android or other personal device makes it very easy to listen to and being a better Christian easier. Whenever a distraction or temptation comes along, it’s easy to listen to the best advice in the world. Hear the NLT Bible narrated by Mike Kellogg and receive the peace and calm you need in your life.


Paul Mims


Paul Mims’ is the “first” voice of the King James Version Audio Bible. He reads at a slower rate that is more easily retained by the majority of people. Even the most difficult passages are clearly understood as each word is articulately pronounced by Dr. Mims. His commitment and passion for the advancement of the gospel can be heard as he declares the life-giving word in the King James Audio Bible and for download.

Paul has taught seminary students on the island of Barbados; St. Petersburg, Russia, and Tiruvuru, India. He has been on other mission trips to China, France, and the Island of St. Lucia.


Red Jeffries

Fans of Red Jeffries will enjoy his reading of the NASB Audio Bible. This wonderfully narrated version will remind you of why the Bible needs to be read and heard by everyone. While many can’t visualize the stories of the Scriptures as they read it, anyone who hears this audio Bible will feel as if they are lost in this world. It’s a wonderful way to be reintroduced to the most important book in the world. There is nothing better than being able to carry on with your daily life while having the Word of the Lord available at all times. Listening to the biblical stories and lessons in an exciting, yet, profound way gives you a better understanding of what is actually being said and will help you apply the bible lessons to your life.


Stephen Johnston

Stephen Johnston's voice and narrating skills have brought him much acclaim. He is an award-winning narrator and has gained the reputation of narrating and selling more translations of the Bible than anyone in history. Stephen has won Emmy Awards and The New York Film awards. His success is not surprising as he has a phenomenal gift of narration that when mixed with the effective and living Word captures people’s attention, captivates their hearts, and compels them to listen. You can hear Stephen Johnston’s narrations of the NKJV, NASB and several other versions of the Bible. Whether you listen on CD, DVD, Audio Bible player or download it on your iphone or Mp3 device you will be blessed.


Steve Webb

Steve Webb is an avid man of God and considers his narration of the Scriptures as a labor of love. His devotion and commitment to sharing the gospel in a dynamic way has helped millions who want to listen to the Word in a clear and engaging manner. Steven has narrated the complete Bible twice and continues to work for the advancement of the gospel. You can listen to Stephen Webb’s narration of the Bible on the Catholic Bible Douay Rheims with both the New and Old Testaments. Download this version on your iPhone, Mp3, and mp4 devices.


Todd Busteed

You will definitely enjoy listening to Todd Busteed’s narration of the NLT Audio Bible. Hearing this exceptional version will be a new and refreshing encounter. Todd’s wealth of experience in communications is clearly seen as he brings his skills to the fore. As you listen to this version, you will hear his amazing voice complemented beautifully with soft music in the background as he narrates. Todd has worked with the Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton College and was involved in several productions for Focus on the Family.


Life is hectic and seems to get busier by the day. The overwhelming pressure of our ever-increasing schedules can leave us in desperate need of peace and inspiration. It can be nearly impossible to carve out the time to sit down and actually read our Bibles. That is exactly why an audio Bible reader can change your Bible reading routine for the better. Consistency is key, and no matter how tough it seems, reading your Bible every day is an achievable goal! An audio Bible reader can help you make that space for you and God.

Having a daily Bible reading plan is one of the most critical practices of Christian life. There's no substitute for God's consistent, daily presence in our lives through His Word. That is why investing in a narration of the Bible is so essential. You can maximize your time by listening to the Scriptures on your commute, while running errands, or while cleaning the house. A Bible reader is essential to making God's Word the central focus of your life once again.

When choosing a narration of the Bible, the Bible reader is something to consider. You will be spending a lot of time with your new audio Bible reader, so your choice will be important. That's why we offer audio Bibles with your choice of twelve different narrators. With so many options, there is undoubtedly an option that will speak to you. Take your time in listening to the audio samples we provide, so you can find the Bible reader who is perfect for you.

For most of Christian history, many believers didn't have the means to own their own Bible. The printing press wasn't invented until 1440, so up until then, any copy of the Bible was written by hand. Doing so required an incredible amount of work, so there weren't Bible readily available to everyone. Many believers of times past didn't have the luxury of sitting down with a Bible, taking their time, and reading it. This reality is much more of a modern phenomenon.

But these believers from the past didn't lack faith. There is something undeniable about the power of hearing God's Word spoken. It builds up faith within us in a different way than reading does. There are special benefits to hearing others speak the Word of God. This is how God designed it, and it's a beautiful thing. He has created us to understand what He is trying to tell us through all of our senses and in a variety of ways. This just makes His teachings all the more influential in our lives.

Their Bible reading benefits came from hearing the Word of God. While at church, worshipping and being taught, they listened to the Scriptures read aloud. There is a strong tradition within our faith of both speaking and hearing God's Word audibly. There is something powerful about listening to the Bible that influences you differently than merely reading it. An audio Bible reader gives you the opportunity to connect with this historical aspect of our faith anywhere, anytime. Just as so many in the past have been moved by hearing God's Word spoken to them, so can you be inspired by one of the best Audio Bible narrators available in our Bible readers.

The Bible reader you select can significantly impact your experience with God's Word. The Bible narrated is an incredible experience, further enhanced by the diverse vocal stylings of the best Audio Bible narrator themselves. There is Bible reading by Alexander Scourby, who radiates excitement and draws you into the stories of the Bible like never before. On the other side of the scale is Bob Souer, whose clarity and presence present the New King James Version's power. There's also David Heath, whose soothing voice emphasizes God's message of peace, joy, and comfort as he narrates in the ESV audio Bible reader.

If you prefer the NIV Bible, George Sarris's narration breathes genuine excitement into the Bible's teachings, helping to really drive them home. Perhaps a paraphrased Bible is what speaks powerfully in your heart. In that case, Kelly Ryan's narration of The Message audio Bible is both soothing and compelling, making the Biblical narrative feel close and relevant to your life. The NLT Bible is still a translation but captures the ease and readability of a paraphrased Bible. If that's what you're looking for, Mike Kellogg's voice colors the Scriptures in a way that you've never heard them before, helping you to visualize and apply the stories you hear from the Bible.

This goes to demonstrate that there are Bible narrators for every person, every translation, and every style. God has created you as a unique individual, with certain aspects of narration impacting you in a different way than they would others. That's why we offer a Bible reader that will help you achieve your daily Bible reading goals, with a diverse list of the best Audio Bible narrators that will speak to your unique design. There is also an audio Bible reader that is perfect for your loved ones too so that you can share with them the amazing Bible reading benefits that you have received in your own life!

Our Bible readers are designed to help you reach new spiritual heights. God's Word is immeasurably powerful, and the ease of access provided by our Bible readers allows you to dismantle the barriers on your path of working towards a daily Bible reading routine. This type of practice is the very best thing you can do in your faith, as God loves to reveal His plans, purposes, and love through the Scriptures. No longer do busy schedules, and previous commitments need to hold you back. We are blessed by modern technology and the ability to bring our Bible reader with us anywhere. We must not waste such a beautiful opportunity because God will surely do incredible works in our hearts if we don't squander it.

Romans 10:17 reads, "So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ" (ESV). Hearing what God has to say instills unbelievable faith in us. It also helps us to develop that faith, bringing us to a new understanding of God, ourselves, and the world around us. Our faith shapes our worldview, and our worldview shapes our actions. Those actions shape our very lives. When we come to the point of being able to live out our faith in lives pleasing to God, it all comes back to the devotion that we have to the Bible.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into our audio samples and find the perfect audio Bible reader for you. There's not a moment to waste. You can begin a renewed relationship with God today, one that is unlike anything you have known prior. A solid daily Bible reading plan is the foundation of that relationship, as God's Word embodies His love, purpose, and character. If you want to know Him in the deepest way possible, it happens through knowing the Scriptures. You can commit to knowing the Scriptures like never before with your very own audio Bible reader.