Telugu Bible reading - Telugu Audio Bible

Are you looking for an audio Bible in Telugu language?

We have the perfect device for you! The Telugu Audio Bible Player is a great way to listen to the Bible in your language. It’s easy to use and has many great features.

You can have the player read the Bible in Telugu language to you. Plus, the bookmarking button allows you to go back to the last location you were listening to.

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Features of the Telugu Audio Bible Player

1. User Friendly Navigation

The Telugu Audio Bible Player was designed with ease of use in mind. A simple menu allows you to quickly navigate to the book and chapter you want to hear.

2. High Quality Audio

We know that when you're listening to the Bible in Telugu, you want to be able to hear every word clearly. That's why we've equipped the Telugu Audio Bible Player with high quality audio playback. Whether you're listening at home or on the go, you can be confident that you're getting the best possible sound.

3. Long Battery Life

With up to 14 hours of battery life on a single charge, the Telugu Audio Bible Player will keep going as long as you do.

4. Affordable Price

We believe that everyone should have access to God's Word, which is why we've priced the Telugu Audio Bible Player accordingly. With FREE shipping in USA and International shipping is available.

5. Durable Design

The Telugu Audio Bible Player was built to last. It features a durable casing that can withstand everyday wear and tear, it is the perfect companion for your busy lifestyle.


This Telugu audio Bible player is a great way to listen to the Bible in Telugu. It is very affordable and comes with many features that enhance your experience. It is a great way to hear the Bible in Telugu language.

Over 75 million people in India and all over the world speak Telugu. Many of them have never experienced the transforming power of the Gospel because they have no access to a Telugu Audio Bible in their own language. Telugu Christians who make up about 1.5 % of the population also have to overcome these limitations to build their faith and grow. We need to effectively share the gospel to the Telugu language speaking people.

The Telugu Audio Bible does just that and brings the Word of God to the people in their native tongue. This is the perfect tool to reach the many souls in India and across the globe who are in need of the redemption of Christ. On this audio player, the complete Bible with both the Old and New Testament is translated into the Telugu language and read aloud clearly and accurately so that anyone can understand.

Be a part of the bigger picture, use the Telugu Audio Bible to evangelize, conduct Bible studies and devotions, expand your ministry, share with friends and family, give as a gift or keep for your own personal use. Its amazing features make it easy to navigate through every chapter by simply pressing a button. It is easy to carry. The Telugu Audio Bible has bridged the language gap—now, you are a step closer to bringing another life to Jesus.