Dutch Audio Bible

Dutch is the first language of 24 million people and the second language of another 5 million. It is also called Netherlandic or Flemish by the Belgians. You will find most Dutch speaking people living in the Netherlands and Belgium but a significant percentage also live in the Netherland Antilles and other regions of the world. One of the earliest translations of the Dutch Bible was written by the Philips of Marnix, lord of Saint-Aldegonde (1538–1598). Since then, different have been written in more contemporary styles.

The introduction of the Dutch Audio Bible gives Dutch-speaking people the pleasure of listening to the Old and New Testament books of the Bible read aloud by professional narrators. It’s an excellent gadget that makes the inspiring messages of the Bible easier to understand and relate to. Use the Dutch Audio Bible player for personal studies, to share the Word of God with friends and family, for your evangelism outreach and missionary journeys or give it as a wonderful gift.

Navigate each chapter with ease and convenience by just clicking a high raised button. It’s so interactive it will talk back to you. The Dutch Audio Bible Player is solidly built, water resistant, easy to carry anywhere – in your hands or even your pocket and can be played for hours. Be inspired and encourage others with the Dutch Audio Bible.