Audio Bible in different languages, Bible in multiple languages


Albanian Bible There are a significant number of people in Albania, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia and other parts of the world who speak this language. With the Albanian Audio Bible, the language barriers have been removed and all Albanian speakers now have easy access to the gospel message in their own language.

Arabic Bible The Arabic language is certainly not popular or well-known, but the important thing to remember is that to those who speak it, it matters. It is a language scattered in multiple countries, and we believe that if our Arabic Bibles make it to at least one, we have done our job as Christians.

Bulgarian Bible Bulgarian is the Republic of Bulgaria’s official language. Approximately 85% of the population speaks Bulgarian. It is dominant in every aspect of life there and is used in the social and educational aspects of the country at all levels. The Bulgarian Audio Bible gives some 6.97 million people the opportunity to benefit from the messages of the Bible. The gospel is now easily available and accessible in a language that Bulgarians understand.

Cebuano Bible Over 25 million people in the Philippines speak Cebuano; it is said to be the largest native-speaking language in that country. Unfortunately, millions of the natives have never heard the gospel. Our mission is to ensure that the message of salvation is spread as commissioned by Jesus. For this reason, we have made the Bible available in the Cebuano language, they can understand.

Creole Bible Creole may not be the easiest language to pronounce, but for about 10 million people all over the world, it is the language that they call their own. We are making it available in Haitian Creole, the primary language of Haiti.

Dutch Bible With Dutch being spoken by around 25 million people as a first language, and 5 million more speaking it as a second language, we are proud to present a Dutch translation of the Bible. Dutch is the third most widely spoken Germanic language, making a Dutch Bible highly influential in reaching people for the cause of the Gospel.

English Bible Despite its reputation as the language of the wealthy, a substantial amount of English-speakers still don’t have access to the Word of God. Even though the Bible was translated into English over 13 centuries ago, many have never heard the message of the gospel. Here at Audio Bible, we intend to make evangelism our mission.

French Bible There may be numerous various translations of the French Bible, but as Christians, we all too often neglect the greater mission getting those translations into the hands of believers and non-believers alike. So through our collection of French audio Bibles, we are now seeking to put our faith into action for the glory of God.

German Bible There are estimated to be over 98 million native German speakers in the world. Each and every one of these people are in need of the infallible Word of God. Thankfully, these people who at one time may not have had access to the Bible in their own language can now have it delivered right to their doorstep.

Greek Bible Greek has a long-documented history, spanning over 3400 years! It is the native language of those in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, part of the Balkans, the Black Sea coast, and the Eastern Mediterranean. Now, all of these people are able to read and hear the Bible in their native tongue. Greek has a special place in Christianity as it is the original language of the New Testament.

Hebrew Bible Hebrew is one of the languages that the Bible was originally translated from. While Hebrew may not be as popular as a language as it once was, the Word of God is still alive and active to this day. And now, because of the technology of the digital age, those who speak Hebrew can encounter the Word in a brilliant new way.

Hindi Bible In our Western culture, we can often forget that there is a whole other world on the other side of the globe. In countries like India and Nepal, speakers of Hindi often find it difficult to access the Word of God. Hindi is the national language of India.

Hungarian Bible Some 14 million people in the world speak Hungarian. The majority of native Hungarian speakers are concentrated in Hungary while others live in countries like Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, and the Ukraine. The Hungarian Audio Bible presents a dynamic way to share the gospel with those who speak the Hungarian language no matter where they live. There are no limitations and language barriers to prevent them from hearing and understanding the good news of the Bible.

Italian Bible Italian is the closest national language to Latin, another language with rich history in the church. It is a major European language that also has a large population of immigrants who call it their own. The Italian Bible reaches many for the truth of the Gospel.

Japanese Bible Japanese is a complex, yet beautiful language, and here at BibleBible, we seek to convey a beautiful message to people all over the world. That is the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, revealed in the Word of God. Thanks to our new audio Bible players, the Good News is now readily available to the people of Japan.

Korean Bible 71 million people speak Korean as their native language! When you stop to think about it, that’s a remarkable amount of people that need access to the Word of God in a language they understand. The Korean Bible is an immense blessing for so many people, all for the glory of God.

Latin Vulgate Bible Latin is an extinct classical language from which many of our English words originated. The Latin Vulgate is a well-known name given to the Latin version of the Bible. With your Latin Vulgate Audio Bible, you can automatically hear the Scriptures read aloud in Latin. It can be used as a reference when studying the Scriptures; it will also enhance your study and help you understand the meaning of some words and verses you find challenging.

Mandrain Chinese Bible When people think of China, the words ‘congestion’, ‘noise’, or ‘disarray’ might come to mind. All of these things can make preaching the Word of God difficult, and so the last thing the people of China need is another obstacle. Luckily, Chinese Bibles are now available for native speakers who may have never heard the Word before.

Polish Bible Polish is the native language of the people of Poland; it is also spoken by millions in the United States, Australia, and Canada. In total, it is believed that some 38.5 million people speak this language. Today, because of the Polish Audio Bible those who use Polish as their primary and secondary language can hear and understand the messages of the Bible professionally translated in their own tongue.

Portuguese Bible Portuguese is the official language of more than a handful of countries all over the world. You would think that every Portuguese speaker should be able to obtain a Bible in his or her own language. We therefore seek to make the Word as accessible to everyone.

Romanian Bible Romanian is more widely spoken. In fact, the language that has been forgotten the most is often the language that needs attention. And so we’re looking to direct the attention of our Christian customers to Romanian-speakers everywhere, all of whom need the Word of God in their lives.

Russian Bible The Russian translation of the Bible may be more recent than many other translations, but it is as important a tool for the Kingdom of God. Christianity is far from extinct in Russia, but here at Audio Bible, we believe that we should not rest until we have brought the Good News to at least one more person. Our Russian audio Bibles currently serve to help us do that.

Spanish Bible The popularity of the Spanish language doesn’t guarantee accessibility, and as advancers of the gospel, that should concern us. There are Spanish translations of the Word out there, but how many Spanish speakers even know they exist? This is why we’re giving you the chance to pick up a Spanish Bible for you or someone you know could benefit from it.

Swedish Bible The Swedish Bible is breaking down language barriers for over 10 million people who natively speak Swedish. Now, they have full access to the Word of God. This beautiful translation of the Bible has changed the lives of so many and will continue to do so every day.

Tagalog Bible Tagalog, a primarily Filipino language, may not be iconic, but it is certainly significant. We are all the same before God, no matter what language we speak. Here at Audio Bible, we believe that implies that everyone should have equal access to the Word of God. Presently and sadly, that is not the case, but we are working toward a future where it is.

Telugu Bible Telugu is spoken primarily in India, the second populous country in the entire world. Presently, India is home to the most unreached people groups. Unfortunately, evangelism there is a relatively untouched field. One way we can work to make a difference is to provide the speakers of Telugu with easy access to the Word of God, which has the power to change hearts.

Thai Bible Thai is the official language of Thailand and is spoken by over 20 million people there. The statistics show that a small percentage of the population has access to the Bible in a language that is their own. Recognizing that effective ministry in this region can be done if there is easy access to the Scriptures in the native tongue; we have made the Thai Bible available.

Vietnamese Bible Vietnamese is the national and official language of Vietnam and the first or second language for millions of people in the world. You may even be surprised to know that it is the most spoken Asian language. The Audio Bible in Vietnamese is essential to sharing the gospel with some 75 million people spread across the nations. Vietnamese speakers can listen to every word of the Bible in their own language with greater ease and clarity.