The Message Audio Bible for iPod, iPad & iPhone

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• 4 MP3 discs comes in hard plastic case
• Formatted for use with your iPod player.
• Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
• Recorded at 64 KBPS, total file size is 2.3 GB for installation of the entire Bible
• The Message Bible
• 77 Hours and 45 Minutes of Bible Reading.
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Kelly Ryan Dolan
• Kelly Ryan Dolan has done many voice-over works for radio and other productions
• He has done voice-over work for Sharper Video Productions, Sonlife Ministries, the Left Behind radio drama and others.
Translation Information:
• The Message Bible (paraphrase)
• An easy-to-read modern-language paraphrase.
• Worded by Eugene H. Peterson
• Converts the original language into modern day American speech, while retaining the original meanings.
• Published in 1993.

FREE Shipping

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Recent Customer Reviews:

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  • 5
    Audio Message Bible

    by Mary R. Horst

    I was very happy with my purchase of the Message Bible. It's done in one voice, rather than several voices for the different parts. I prefer this since this is the way I listen.

  • 5

    by Peggy Gorham-Cromer

    This is a great way to get in your daily bible study. You can listen while on the eliptical or just working in the house. I highly recommend The Message Bible.

  • 4
    Message Bible Easy and Refreshing to Listen to

    by Barry Mattox

    Although the Message Bible should be viewed as a paraphrase and not a true translation, for that very reason I have found it to give fresh insights into the Bible. This audio version is well done. I listen in my car.

  • 4
    Very good for driving

    by Micah Brunz

    I spend a lot of time on the road for work. It's very nice to have a version that seems like someone is sitting in the seat next to me telling me stories. A lot of the other ones sound a little too unreal. I don't think of this version as the Bible word for word, but it is great for listening.

  • 5

    by Donna B Hayes

    I listen to both the KJV and the Message audio bibles. When I need to understand the KJV in modern terminology I refer to the Message. The Message bible is a good alternative to assist you in studying the Word of God. The speaker articulates well.

  • 5
    The Message

    by Douglas McDaniel

    This is a good audio version of this translation; of course you have to accept The Message as an viable translation, but it is easy to listen to and you do get an image of what is being shared

  • 5
    Message Bible on MP3

    by Brittany Norman

    This is a really neat purchase. It takes bible reading to a whole new level. We are really happy with our purchase. It takes a while to upload everything and put on your player...but after it is on...its great!

  • 5
    MP3 Bible

    by EG Steenekamp

    I enjoyed using this version very much. Its self explanitory in modern day language.

  • 5
    Excellent for working out!

    by Marcos Souza

    I have really liked listining to this translation. I'm a college student that was looking for something to listen to due to my busy schedule. It's very easy 2 listen to while working out, studying, or even at work.

  • 5
    Love to hear the scripture

    by Charlotte B Becker

    I really enjoy listening to The Message on my IPOD when I get up in the mornings. I can also listen when I'm walking or doing other activities. That wouldn't be possible with a book. I'm able to be connected with the Word of God more throughout the day. I'm encouraging others to do the same!