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The Russian audio Bible is a free Bible resource for you. Both the Old and New Testament of the Russian Bible online are available on this page. Click on the exact book and chapter number you want to listen to below. We hope you enjoy the Russian audio Bible and will let your friends know about it.

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2 Chronicles
Song of Solomon

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2 Corinthians
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2 Timothy
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2 Peter
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3 Jude

  We are excited to bring you the Russian audio Bible online, a free resource for Russian speaking individuals. The Russian Bible online contains the entirety of the Bible in Russian, both the Old and New Testaments. We have made this beautiful narration of the Bible in Russian online absolutely free because we hold the firm belief that everyone should have access to God's Word no matter what language they speak. There is beauty to be found in every language, and God speaks to everyone worldwide. Russian is a beautiful language with a rich history, and the message of the Gospel shines brightly through it.

Worldwide, over 275 million people speak Russian! It is one of the most widespread languages in all the world. God desires that every person on the planet have an intimate relationship with His Word, Russian-speaking people included. God has commanded us to spread the Gospel to every nation. This is a way in which we have decided to live out this calling. We want every one of those 275 million-plus people who speak Russian to encounter the life-changing power of the Bible.

God has created so much diversity throughout the human language. Each language that the Bible is translated into brings out nuances in the Bible that are not seen in other languages. It is beautiful how each language can offer something unique to the tapestry of God's truth. Even if Russian is not your first language, but you know it, hearing the Bible in Russian can help you understand the Bible in a brand new light.

This free Russian Bible online is perfect for personal use or small group settings. The crystal clear audio will help you dig deep into the Scriptures like never before, as you let God's Word flow through you in the language that you speak. It is always a joy to listen to with family, friends, or fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It is a beautiful way to grow in faith together and encourage one another with the Lord. No matter how you listen to it, the free Bible in Russian online will surely build your biblical knowledge and help boost your faith in new ways.

God's Word is invaluable to our lives. Through it, we develop an unbreakable bond with Him. As we explore our relationship with the Lord, He guides us through life, teaches us how to live, and nurtures us in every way. He grants us unconditional love as we will never experience anywhere else. It doesn't matter who you are or what stage of your faith journey that you find yourself: through this Russian audio Bible, you will encounter God and His eternal love for you.

God has granted us a gift of immeasurable worth with the Bible. It contains invaluable wisdom that is necessary for the life of every individual. God's Word is alive and active, speaking to every believer in every generation anew. The Bible's message isn't outdated and stagnant like some believe, but God uses it to speak into the heart of every person that reads it no matter where or when they encounter it. The Bible has the power to change our lives and the world around us with its life-altering truth.

If you are a Russian speaking individual, this is a biblical resource you can't miss out on. God has called us to provide it for you so that you can explore everything that God wants to say to you. You can trust that this Bible in Russian online is of the highest quality and created with the highest standards in Biblical translation. We hope that you will take this opportunity to study God's Word like you never have before. We pray that through that study God will impact your life in incredible ways. He provides spiritual benefits that will shape your heart and bring you life anew. Everything that God offers is available to you today.

This Russian audio Bible is completely free. It is available on any of your devices that can connect to the internet. This means that you can listen to the Russian Bible online no matter where you are. Having such great accessibility makes Bible reading easier and more convenient than ever before. There is no reason to delay starting or refreshing your daily Russian Bible reading plan today. God wants to meet you within His Word today. Are you ready to explore a profound relationship with the Lord?

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