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Hindi Audio Bible Old and New Testament

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We have several FREE Audio Bible resources for you to enjoy. Relax sit back and enjoy listening to God's Word for free. A list of the Audio Bible for free, listed below with a brief description of each. We hope each of these FREE Audio Bible resources are a blessing to you. God Bless you.

1. KJV Bible online, Free Audio Bible Online - This is a slower reading of the KJV Audio Bible. It lists all the chapters of the Old and New Testament on 1 page. Pick the exact book and chapter you want to start listening to.

2. FREE Thru the Bible by Dr J Vernon McGee 5 year Bible Study - We love listening to J Vernon McGee Thru the Bible radio program. This Free Audio Bible study is the Best Audio Bible study available anywhere in our opinion. This is the entire 5 year Bible study program, Thru the Bible. With over 1300 radio programs and over 434 hours of rock solid Bible Study teaching from Dr J Vernon McGee. All the chapters of the Bible are covered and many of the verses.

3. One year Bible audio online, OneYearBibleAudioOnline - This One Year Bible takes all 1189 chapters of the KJV Bible both Old and New Testament and lists them into 365 total audio files. Start any time of the year listening to the one year Bible. Each day of the year, day 1 to 365 are listed, go as fast or as slow as you wish to. This Bible is setup for you to listen to the Bible in one year if you want.

4. Russian Bible online, Russian Audio Bible - This is the Russian Audio Bible in the Russian language. Both Old and New Testament. Enjoy this free Russian Audio Bible. If you already speak Russian or you are wanting to learn Russian, this is an excellent resource for you.