Through The Bible reader - J Vernon McGee

Thru the Bible reader with J Vernon McGee is a wonderful Bible study tool. This daily, 5 year Bible study through the Bible has enriched and blessed the lives of countless believers throughout the decades. Its 5 year structure paces the listener and gives them space to really dig into God’s Word and apply it to their lives. It also encourages a long time commitment to daily Bible learning and Bible listening.

As you listen to Thru the Bible with J Vernon McGee, you will journey through all 66 books of the Bible. Every single word of the Bible is essential for the growth of our faith. Sometimes, when we approach our Bible reading and Bible study without a particular guide or resource such as Thru the Bible with J Vernon McGee audio series, we accidentally skip over certain portions of God’s Word and never understand them. Following this 5 year Audio Bible study will ensure that your life is blessed by increasing your Bible knowledge.

Through the Bible reader J Vernon McGee
Through the Bible reader J Vernon McGee
  • 5 year Bible commentary and Bible study by J Vernon McGee
  • Over 1300 radio programs, and 434 hours of commentary is on this reader. The entire 5 year radio ministry is available for your Bible study
  • Every Chapter of both the Old Testament and New Testament are covered


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Through the Bible reader J Vernon McGee

J Vernon McGee spent his life as a Pastor, Bible teacher, theologian, and radio minister. He devoted his life to the teaching of God’s Word so that as many as possible would come to believe in the name of Christ. His work has inspired and fed into the faith of countless people throughout the better part of the 20th century.

Thru the Bible with J Vernon McGee has been so inspiring to people throughout the years, airing on over 800 radio stations worldwide and in over 100 different languages. It has continued to be a popular resource for those looking to dive deeper into God’s Word because it was developed on the philosophy that every word of the Bible is true and the Word of God transforms the way we think, believe and live. J Vernon McGee wholeheartedly believed that the Bible changes lives from the inside out, reshaping our hearts and minds. Through his Bible teaching series, he shows us how true that really is. Countless people have had their lives changed for the better through this Audio Bible series that takes you through the entire Bible in five years. J Vernon McGee had a passion for pointing people toward Jesus, and his work lives on today and carries on his powerful legacy.

Even if you’re already a Bible reading believer, it’s likely there are books or portions of the Bible that you’ve never read or understood. It happens to the best of us. There are parts of the Bible that are difficult to understand, so often we will pass them by to get to the parts that we do understand. This audio Bible study tool is so wonderful because J Vernon McGee takes us through the Bible, even the hardest parts, and reveals to us exactly what God is trying to tell us through His Word. If you go through the Bible with J Vernon McGee, you will have the entirety of the Scriptures opened up to you.

Faith is crucial to our lives, and the Bible is crucial to our faith. Time spent in God’s Word will always bring immense benefits to your life. That’s because through the Bible, God makes His Will and character known to us. It’s there that we meet Him and grow in a vibrant and beautiful relationship with Him. The Bible is irreplaceable in our lives.

Daily Bible reading, listening and studying are crucial to the life and faith of every believer. God transforms us from the inside out. God uses the Biblical stories and teachings in His Word to inspire us, instruct us, and mold our hearts according to His will. The more consistent time we spend reading and studying the Bible, the more we grow and mature in our faith. That’s why it’s essential that we return to God’s Word each and every day.

In that time of studying, listening and reading, we are spending quality time with God and building our relationship with Him. That relationship defines our life and faith as followers of Christ. If we are to have a strong, empowering, and vibrant relationship with the Lord, there’s absolutely no replacement for diving headfirst into the Bible each and every day.

It's time we all made a newfound commitment to our faith and the understanding and listening to the Bible. Thru the Bible with J Vernon McGee is the perfect Bible study tool to help encourage, inspire, and inform us throughout that journey. As you go through the Bible, you will find God there waiting for you with open arms. You will develop a relationship with Him, unlike anything you have ever known before.