NIV Audio Bible Player, EASIEST audio Bible player in the world to use

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• The NIV Bible player automatically plays from chapter to chapter and book to book
• Built in speaker for small group listening and earbud jack for private listening
• Raised buttons to easily navigate forward and backward between each book and each chapter of the Bible
• As you navigate, the Audio Bible will talk back to you and tell you exactly what book and chapter you are on
• Bookmarking button allows you to stop the unit, then return later to the exact place you were listening to before.
• Small fits in shirt pocket, 4 inches high, 2 5/16 inches wide, 1/2 inch deep
• Rock solid construction, water resistant, operates in harsh environments
• Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
• Includes Audio Bible player, built in speaker, earbuds, (electrical wall charger and solar panel) to charge the battery, manual
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Max McLean
• Max McLean is President of Fellowship for the Performing Arts
• His radio ministry is heard daily on over 670 radio affiliates
• He is a trained actor that gave up the theater after becoming a Christian.
• While attending seminary he was encouraged to use his talent to get Gods Word out to the people.
• Max McLean was born in Panama City, Panama & came to America via New York Harbor & the Statue of Liberty at the age of four.

Translation Information:
• New International Version Bible (2011 Edition)
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Dramatized Bible reading
• Total Bible reading time is 75 hours and 57 minutes
• Number of Translators: 115
• Translation is a balance between word-for-word and thought-for thought

FREE Shipping

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Recent Customer Reviews:

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  • 5
    Our friend who is blind loves it

    by Carmen C.

    My husband and I bought the Audio Bible Player for a good friend of ours who is blind. One day her and I were talking and she said she missed reading God's word. My husband searched easy to use Audio Bible Players and came upon your website. Alison cried tears of joy when she opened it and I played it for her. It was easy to teach her to use. Thank you so much for your wonderful product.

  • 5
    Best out there

    by Hugh M.

    Small size and weight plus a better speaker than most make this a really nice gift or something for yourself. I really like this. I would buy it again.

  • 5
    Excellent purchase!

    by Terry F.

    If you intend to have a close walk with God, this Bible reading is extremely able to take us there !!!

  • 5
    Love It

    by Doug H.

    Works as advertised.

  • 5
    I love it.

    by Thomas R.

    Able to continue listing my way through the Bible when driving or walking, best of all, not using my phone carrier data.

  • 5
    The Word with me!

    by Donna W

    I love my audio bible! It is small and the sound is perfectly clear. Very easy to use. Sleepless nights are now filled with heavenly words, i love it.

  • 5
    Excellent product and wonderful fast service

    by Vicki Knupp

    I just received my audio Bible after only two days. I have played it and found it to be wonderful and everything promised. I am so excited and happy to have this--I can use it at work, as I drive, on walks, wherever I go.

  • 5
    No tech knowledge required!

    by Ken Miller

    This audio Bible is incredibly easy to use-and it's soooo portable! Whether I am inside or out-I can find my favorite passage or pick up where i left off. The best part? No tech knowledge required!

  • 5
    The only thing I can say is fantastic!

    by Ernest Stevens

    The product is excellent in every way and I am extremely satisfied.

  • 5
    I am nearly blind

    by Robin N

    I bought my audio Bible because I am nearly blind. My eyes would hurt when I would try reading and a chapter at a time would be their limit. The audio Bible is small, self- contained; and I am unencumbered by equipment, discs, earbuds, or places to listen to it.