New King James Audio Bible, NKJV Bible for MP3, Android and Apple devices

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• New King James Version Bible
• Word for word narration
• Voice only narration by Stephen Johnston
• 3 MP3 discs comes in hard plastic case
• Recorded at 64 KBPS, total file size is 1.9 GB for installation of the entire Bible
• Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
• Also Includes one DVD that includes all Files.
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Stephen Johnston.
• He has gained an international reputation as an award winning narrator
• He has received many awards including an Emmy, the New York Film Critics Award, the National Silver Microphone Award and the Army Commendation Award
• Stephen Johnston has narrated and sold more translations of the Bible than any other person in history
Translation Information:
• New King James Version
• First published in 1982.
• Number of Translators: 119
• An accurate and modern word for word translation.

FREE Shipping

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Recent Customer Reviews:

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  • 5
    NKJV Audio Bible Review

    by jamie a Barrott

    This audio Bible was easy to set up and use. Wow, what a blessing it is to be able to have my music as well as a complete version of the Bible wherever I go. The program sounds great and was easy to download on my mp3 player - great purchase, good service. Jamie -MN

  • 5

    by Thomas D Gilbert

    Very easy to download to iPod .. reader's style is enjoyable for listening .. price was right! ..

  • 4
    NKJV Audio Bible


    Very wonderful to have. Love the different sounds and that it is just as the bible reads. Love the convenience.

  • 3
    The NKJV Bible

    by Sam N Kawesa

    The order of the books of the Bible was a mess. I had to manually re-order some OT from the NT books in iTunes. The numeric designation of the chapters & books was not always helpful in putting them in order. The audio was great, when playing. Also some audio ends of chapters fade into each other

  • 4
    NKJV MP3 Bible

    by Ronald W Fowlkes

    I am fully satisfied with this product. The quality of the recording is great. I recommend this to anyone.

  • 4
    NKJV voice only review

    by Chris

    It is very good and clear, If you are intrested in a simple easy to listen to audio bible than this is the one for you.

  • 5

    by Anthony Hogue

    I could also load it into a Thumb drive and use it there. thanks for your good work. Now we can take the thumb drive to remote locations and listen.

  • 2
    Jack Lenhof

    by Jack Lenhof

    It would have been helpful to divide the Old Testament into folders when copying to Creative MP3 player for easer access as opposed to scrolling the entire Bible to locate a specific area (from the top each time by the way). Also, the reader is a little monotone for my liking.

  • 4
    MP3 NKJV

    by Charlotte Kirsch

    I love being able to listen to the Audio Bible when I am out and around; it is very convenient to carry the whole Bible on my iPod. C Kirsch

  • 4
    too busy to read

    by Kim Page

    I find myself so busy these days and I'm not the best reader, so I listen to my Bible on CD in the car and when relaxing at home. It's a great way to hear the Living Word and get fed.