J Vernon McGee audio commentary - Thru the Bible

The Thru the Bible reader contains over 1300 of Dr J Vernon McGee's Bible audio commentary radio programs, over 433 hours of Dr J. Vernon McGee's programs are on the single player plus you get 10 guidelines to understanding Scripture by Dr J. Vernon McGee as well. If you've ever heard Dr J Vernon McGee and you already love him like I do, then this is the perfect item for you or a friend and if you haven't, if you're looking for Bible study or Bible commentary with Dr J Vernon McGee, it's like having a Bible expert with 50 years of experience in the palm of your hand.

He covers all of the chapters and many of the verses from Genesis to Revelation in his five year. This is a five-year Bible commentary. The player has forward and back book buttons and forward and back chapter buttons, so it lets you dive right in to where you want to listen to, maybe if you're studying something, maybe the Book of Mark or maybe in 1st Kings or something, you can navigate straight over to the book that you want and then you can scroll over and get into the exact chapters that you want to study.

J Vernon McGee audio commentary player

J Vernon McGee audio commentary - Thru the Bible
  • 5 year Bible commentary Thru the Bible by J Vernon McGee
  • All chapters of the Old Testament and New Testament are covered
  • The Bible player automatically goes from chapter to chapter and book to book
  • You can Easily navigate to any Book or chapter
  • FREE Shipping in the USA + International shipping available

The player has simple to use navigation so you can navigate to the exact book and the exact chapter that you want to start listening to. I love this player, I listen to it often. Like I said it's over 433 hours of Bible commentary by Dr J. Vernon McGee, I may be around 100 hours but very interesting.

I love listening to Dr J. Vernon McGee and you will also and you will definitely increase your Bible knowledge, your Bible understanding, your spiritual growth. This is a wonderful, wonderful Bible study and Bible commentary. The player has a loud built-in speaker. It also comes with earbuds if you want to listen to it privately. The unit also has a built-in rechargeable battery. It also comes with a electrical adapter and a charging cable that allows you to use 100 to 240 volts AC. So it works on any electrical system in the world. It also comes with a manual.

The unit also has a bookmarking button so you can stop the player, put the bookmark on, turn the unit off and come back later in the day or maybe in a few days, turn the player back on and it'll take off reading right where you left off last time. The player is simple and easy to use, very rugged. It's just a fantastic little unit. It's small, it's about the size of a cassette tape. Thank you and God bless.