NIV Video Bible on DVD, Video of Bible - Dramatized Audio Bible

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• New International Version Bible - (Updated) 2011 Translation
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Over 70 Hours of Dolby Digital® Stereo Audio on One DVD
• Optional Through the Bible in a Year Weekly Reading Guide
• Synchronized graphics & text showing every verse
• Words of Christ in Red Text
• Widescreen (16:9) and Full Frame (4:3) display
• Interactive Menus that allow direct access to any book or chapter
• Optional playback modes including:
—Play any chapter
—Play any book
—Play a weekly portion of the Bible with the 52 Week Bible Guide
—Continuous play of the entire Holy Bible
• No Region Coding
• NTSC TV format

Bonus Material Includes
• Ultimate Bible Q&A Game—Hundreds of questions to test your Bible knowledge (1-4 players)
• Holy Land Photo Tour—Enjoy scenes of the Holy Land with your choice of three audio tracks.

With today's technology, we are blessed with the ability to experience the Bible in a multitude of ways. They are all beneficial, allowing us to see God's Word from a completely different point of view. Engaging with the Bible in these various ways enables us to go deeper into its stories and teaching, bringing us to new levels of faith. A video Bible featuring the NIV Dramatized Audio Bible is a unique, powerful way to take in all that God has to say.

God has given us five senses in which to understand the world, and the more we can engage these senses, the more we can understand. The Bible is the same way. When you read the Word, you are just engaging your eyes. When you listen to an audio Bible, you just engage your ears. But a video Bible featuring the NIV Dramatized Audio Bible allows you to experience God's Word with your eyes and ears.

Our NIV Video Bible features 70 Hours of Dolby Digital® Stereo Audio on One DVD, plus the Ultimate Bible Q&A Game, which will help you test your newfound biblical knowledge. You can also experience a Holy Land Photo tour, taking you on an intimate look into the places where Jesus Himself walked. Learning about the places where the Bible took place helps to bring you to an even better understanding of the stories you read in the Bible.

The included 52 Week Bible Guide will help guide you through God's Word in the most efficient way possible. You'll love how the dramatization of the narration sheds a brighter light on the events of the Bible. You can have your own Video Bible featuring the Dramatized NIV Audio Bible today. It's a resource that can spurn new spiritual growth in your life.

FREE Shipping

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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    NIV bible dvd

    by They are very happy

    I bought the DVD for my parents. They are very happy with it. I would be nice if they could follow along with the reading a little better. To bad the words don't light up or have an underline go along with reading. It is somewhat hard for them to save their place and get back to main menu. Love that there are different voices for each person. Overall it is a great product for the money.